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Travel blogger, points collector and trip planner. I travel the world for fun and give advice on how to travel. 70+ countries so far...... I love to travel, write and take pictures of everything. I'm here to share my stories from my travels around the world and i hope to give you a great insight to the destinations and the joy of travel. I've worked on building some of the best travel advice out there, i'm not here to save you money, I'm here to let you know all the great things you can when you arrive. One of the best parts of the journey for me is getting there, i hope my flight guides give you a great look into each airline around the world and the service they can offer.

Qantas Economy London Heathrow to Hong Kong – Boeing 747-400

26th September 2008

Qantas Flight 30
Depart : London Heathrow (LHR)
Arrive : Hong Kong (HKG)
Departure time : 12:30PM
Arrival Time : 7:59AM (+1)
Boeing 747-400
Seat 58A (Window Exit Row)
Flight Time 11h50m
Meal Service : Early Dinner / Breakfast
Post dated trip report – Posted July 2013

Route Map

This was going to be my first time flying on a Boeing 747, i had always wanted to fly on one and this was my first time leaving home for a long period of time (over 6 months) , i had booked a Qantas around the world ticket and was really looking forward to my adventure

I took the 6:30am National express from Bristol – London Heathrow and arrived at the check in desk around 9am, just as it was opening.
I approached the desk and asked if they had any exit row window seats free and the lady behind the counter was really nice and gave me 58A, a window exit row seat, i was really happy with this and proceeded through security.

Boarding Pass

I arrived at my gate with about 1 hour to spare so i wandered around and snapped some photos of the plane i would be flying on


Once onboard i was greeted by the staff and was made to feel incredible welcome, even though i was just another economy passenger, i thought the crew did a great job here.

I took my seat and settled in and started talking to the person next to me, he was an Australian heading home for a few weeks and would be taking this flight all the way there.

From My Seat

The plane was boarded and we were ready to depart, as with all flights leaving from London Heathrow there was a bit of traffic to take off, we arrived at the runway and set off. The climb out was very smooth if a bit creaky inside the cabin, i guess this comes from the age of the plane, it was a nice sunny day in England and there was not really any cloud cover to go through.

On Route

About 1 hour after take off drink service began and was followed shortly by the food service, i was really impressed with the quality of the food on this flight and really enjoyed it.

I settled in and watched a few movies as the sun set.


A few hours of darkness later and the sun began to rise


On Arrival into Hong Kong

Overall i found Qantas a great airline and was really looking forward to flying them again in the future


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