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Etihad Airways Economy London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi – Airbus A340-600

21st October 2011

Etihad Flight 12
Depart : London Heathrow (LHR)
Arrive : Abu Dhabi (AUH)
Departure time : 9:15AM
Arrival Time : 7:10PM
Airbus A340-600
Seat 32A (Window)
Flight Time 6h55m
Meal : Dinner
Post Dated Trip Report (Uploaded July 2013)

Flight Map

It was a very early departure from Bristol, we had to awake at 4am and made our way down to the national express depot and jumped on the 5.30am coach to London Heathrow.
The coach arrived into Terminal 4 around 7.45am which gave us plenty of time to check in and make our way through security as our flight was at 9:15am


Check in was fairly painless at it was very early in the morning, our final destination on this flight was going to be Colombo, Sri Lanka

We cleared security very quickly and grabbed a starbucks coffee and gazed out of the airport window trying to wake up a bit more, i was able to snap a picture of our Aircraft awaiting us, the beautiful Airbus A340-600.
Our Plane taking us to Abu Dhabi

Boarding was done really quickly on this flight, which was a surprise given it was a full load on board. I had window seat 32A and my wife 32B which was the second last row in the first economy section on this flight.

Take off was very smooth, the A340 always has such a great take off, it takes a while to even get air born and slowly glides up into the sky due to the length of it, i was able to snap a few decent pictures of LHR on our departure.

Taxing to Runway – Huge A 340 wingspan

Terminal 5

On Route

About an one hour after take off dinner service began, i was impressed that even for an economy flight a dinner menu was handed out

I went with the Lamb Kofta with rice, it was interesting to say the least, not the best inflight food i’ve ever had but it was something to eat and i was thankful for that.

Soon after dinner served had been cleared away i made myself comfortable and watched a movie, after the movie was over i watched the sunset from my window view and really enjoyed it.

We were beginning our decent into Abu Dhabi and i was a bit sad my ride on the A340-600 was ending, but at least i know i would get to travel again on it a few weeks later. We touched down into Abu Dhabi in the darkness and had a smooth touchdown. Overall we were really impressed with Etihad on this flight and really enjoyed it, the same could not be said for our connecting flight from Abu Dhabi – Colombo , an experience i will write about one day.


Leaving the Plane – Economy Cabin

Arrived into Abu Dhabi


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