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Air Canada Economy Denver to Montreal – Airbus A319-100

29th June 2013
Air Canada Flight 1072
Depart : Denver (DEN)
Arrive : Montreal (YUL)
Departure time : 11:35AM
Arrival Time : 4:45PM
Airbus A319
Seat 28A (Window)
Flight Time 3h11m
Meal Service : None

Take Off Video

Route Map

We had arrived in Denver from our earlier flight coming from San Diego, we arrived around 9:45am which gave us a bit of time to make to take in the airport surroundings. We found our gate very quickly so i decided to approach to see if my United status would be able to upgrade us on our Air Canada flight.
Sadly there were no upgrades for us, but the gate agent did ask to see our boarding passes, she looked at them with a slightly puzzled face and said that we needed to have Air Canada boarding passes and we should not have had United boarding passes for the flight, i was glad i had asked the agent about the update now and she reprinted our boarding passes on Air Canada paper.

Boarding Pass

Boarding was called on time and got in line to a slow moving que which got slower and slower, I had been assigned seat 28A and my wife 28B.


We discovered that when we boarded the plane there was some chaos at the back which was why it was taking so long to board, i still don’t understand what was going on, a couple had wanted to sit together were sitting in our seats, we asked the flight attendant why people we in our assigned seats and she said it was because the couple had wanted to sit together. I asked if they had been assigned our seats, she explained they had separate seats on the flight that were apart from each other.

From what i could tell this was not my problem, why should my wife & I be punished for someone else’s lack of planning, we were given our seats and the couple decided to sit in another set of empty seats. The flight attendant seemed the have no control over what was going on and this was wasting time. A father and his son walked down the Aisle to find that the couple were indeed also sitting in their seats, he did not seem impressed and the flight attendant said that there was a spare seat at the front of the aircraft and one at the back, a conversation went on in french for about 5 minutes between the father, the son and the flight attendant. In the end they gave up and took the empty seats, but i found this lack of forward planning shocking, why assign seats if you’re not going to make people sit in them, all of this ment that we took off about 20 minute late.

View from back of the cabin

Once in my seat i took i took a look at the menu and safety card, the AVOD screens were already working, but i don’t watch much TV or many movies on flights, i love to just look out of the window and read.
The seat pitch was ok , and the seat was pretty basic as always, i did like the fact you could charge your phone or power your laptop from the seat.

Safety Card

Seat Pitch

We taxied to the runway and took off, it must have been a hot and humid time of year in Denver because the take off was pretty rough, the video above does not really show how much bouncing around we did for the first 10 – 15 minutes of the flight, but at one point (you can hear me in the video) the plane dropped a fair bit and make me almost drop my camera.

After the bumpy take off we reached 37,000 Ft and the rest of the ride was pretty smooth.

I guess being from Europe i’m still always a little bit sad at the fact that onboard meals are no longer served, even though this was a 3hour + flight and was technically international, all food was still for purchase.

View from my seat

I relaxed for most of the flight and we started our decent into Montreal, we took a bit of weird circular approach into Montreal, there was heavy cloud cover at the time, so not sure if this was to avoid weather or not.

Route Map

Our Decent

Once we touched down everyone jumped up to get off the plane very quick, as per usual.

Empty Cabin

When i was walking by the cockpit on the way out, the captain asked if i was the blogger guy who was on the flight, i explained yes and told him how i enjoyed the flight, he asked me if i wanted to take a look inside the cockpit and sit in the captain’s seat.
This time around i declined , but my wife jumped at the chance, it was pretty funny, he even put his hat on her, she very much enjoyed it.

After a brief chat we headed to Canadian immigration and had arrived in Montreal



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