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Air Canada Toronto to San Diego – Airbus A319

7th July 2013
Air Canada Flight 777
Depart : Toronto (YYZ)
Arrive : San Diego (SAN)
Departure time : 9:55AM
Arrival Time : 12:04PM
Airbus A319
Seat 19A (Window)
Flight Time 5h9m
Meal Service : None

Take Off Video

Route Map

I’m really not sure where i should start this post as my memories of my return flight back to San Diego are not the greatest.
After a wonderful 8 Days in Canada it was time to head back home and go back to work.

It was a very cloudy and rainy morning in and we arrived at Toronto Pearson airport about two and half hours before our flight and I’m really glad we did.

The day before our flight the Asiana 777-200 has crash landed at San Francisco airport (SFO) and little known to us this had caused a major chain reaction on all flights heading back to the US and worldwide.
We arrived at the Air Canada check in desk to complete chaos, there were lines all over the place for about 30 different check in areas, its been a while since i have seen a check in area this jam packed and confusing.

I asked the Air Canada rep which line i should be in to check in, we could not check in online as this was a US bound flight, which i found strange considering i have checked in online many a time with overseas carriers heading to the US and its never been a problem.

We waited in the Assistance needed line for about 10 minutes, i figured out this line was not moving at all and i went to ask another Air Canada rep if we were in the right line as we now only had just over 1 hour 30 minutes before departure. It turns out we had been directed to the wrong line and were told we had to go and stand in the US flights check in line on the other side.

We moved over and waited in line, people kept jumping the line as Air Canada reps called out flights and times so people could cut the line and get to the front, i understand this is needed so people make their flights, but this simply meant we were going nowhere fast.

Once we arrived at the check in desk, the moody check in clerk was not helpful and it just seemed like she had been through enough that day, she explained she had been working non-stop without a break to due the situation in San Francisco.

Check in was relatively painless and we were given our boarding passes, now comes the interesting part.

Boarding Pass

I’m not sure how new this feature is at Toronto Pearson, but once we had checked in we were handed back our bags and told that for departures we had to walk to the other side of the terminal. I was not that impressed, i had to drag my bag all the way to the other side of the airport only to find out this was so i could walk under a plastic sign that said US departures only and then i had to walk back the other way on the opposite side of a flimsy banner to have a person ask me for my boarding pass before i could walk to the TSA.

I found this a complete waste of time and most others seemed to be confused by this, it also did not help given how close our departure was getting at this point.

I will also point out i did not get a chance to take many photos on this journey due to how rushed we were.

We arrived at the TSA and i had to sit through their usual line of questioning and after passing through them we then passed through Canadian security to check our bags, by this point the entire process just seemed a bit backwards.

We reached the gate just in time and found we were the last few people to check in , just as we were walking up to the gate agents we heard our names over the P.A system informing us it was the last call for boarding.

We boarded the A319 and settled into our seats. The layout and seats were exactly the same as the A319 we had flown on from Denver – Montreal earlier in the trip.

Take off had a few bumps but nothing major and we reached our cruising altitude.
Once over Chicago the weather started to change, i believe we were flying at around 37,000 FT, i noticed from the window that the cloud cover had started to rise above us , so i made sure my seat belt was on and I’m glad i did.
Around an hour after take off we started to hit some fairly bumpy Turbulence, nothing that most people can’t handle, but for about 20 – 30 seconds we did hit some big drops which caused a few objects to move around, as you all know I’m not a big fan of turbulence.

Flying Home

There was no meal service on this 5 hour flight, which i find pretty terrible, US carriers are terrible when it comes to this, i can take a 1 hour flight in Asia and have a full meal served to meal in Economy, or a 2 – 4 hour flight in Europe and have the same. But i have to pay for my food on a 5 hour flight in the US, someone needs to sort this out, maybe that’s my job right.


The rest of the flight was fairly uneventful though we did fly through a massive cloud of smoke on approach into San Diego. A forest fire was burning out of control at the time and this was pretty amazing to see from the air.

I always enjoy flying into San Diego, i love the proximity of the airport to the city and you always get great views when flying in.

Bay Bridge


This was now the end of our trip to Canada and we had a great time and managed to fit in 4 flights on this one.
Sadly i think if given the option again i would pass on taking an Air Canada flight over United or West Jet.

The best airline by far on this trip was West Jet who had great staff and service and made us feel really welcome. I’m looking forward to flying them again the future.


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