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United Lounge San Diego International Airport Review

Finally I had the time to experience the new United lounge that opened its door last month (August) at San Diego International airport in Terminal 2.

Incase you did not know the United lounge at San Diego was in Terminal 1, but it was a bit odd as most of United’s flights leave from Terminal 2 and once the new lounge opened up it seems that all of United’s flights will now depart from Terminal 2.

For any frequent flyer from San Diego who had visited the United club lounge in Terminal 1, you will notice the massive instant improvement. As much as I enjoyed the lounge in terminal 1, it was very dated inside, dark and had a terrible view from the window and seemed like an after thought from the airline, so you can understand my excitement when being able to try the new lounge.

After take the escalator to the 2nd floor I turned left and was greeted with the new entrance.


The new entrance was much more welcoming that the old lounge. No longer a closed glass door that judged you as you walked through, the change was a nice welcoming open entrance.
The staff welcomed me to the new lounge and I felt really welcome, I got the feeling from them they were very excited to be working in the new lounge and I can’t blame them.

I entered and took a look around and snapped a few pictures

unitedloungesandeigo9Enclosed seating

unitedloungesandeigo10Classic airline art work

unitedloungesandeigo19The New Bar

The lounge is separated into two areas, you walk in and have the bar on your left with some seating to the right and then around the back you have the additional seating. What really made this lounge nice was the fact you could head outside onto a sort of indoor balcony that over looked the terminal and the huge glass windows, i thought this was a great touch.

I headed to the bar and had a Heineken and headed to the outdoor part to take some more pictures. I did notice that the alcohol selection was vastly improved from the previous selection in the old lounge, they even had a Local San Diego beer on tap.

unitedloungesandeigo2The Balcony with terminal view

unitedloungesandeigo16View below

unitedloungesandeigo15The View from the balcony

The new seating in the lounge was very comfortable, they have nice cream leather lounge chairs to relax in and with the amount of technology people take with them , it was great to see charging points located all over the place for laptops , cell phones and other gadgets

unitedloungesandeigo13Usb & Plug Chargers

I settled into my leather armchair and relaxed for the next two hours, i had arrived early to really check out the lounge and get a feel for it.

unitedloungesandeigo18The Girls Relaxing

unitedloungesandeigo17Great views for plane watching.

After spending a few hours in the lounge and enjoying the view and space it was time to pick up our flight.
I was really pleased with the new lounge and enjoyed the views and space a lot, I would recommend this to anyone if they get the chance to visit. But if your hungry I would eat before as the little snacks probably won’t make a great meal for you.

I’m looking forward to using this lounge again in the future



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