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Travel blogger, points collector and trip planner. I travel the world for fun and give advice on how to travel. 70+ countries so far...... I love to travel, write and take pictures of everything. I'm here to share my stories from my travels around the world and i hope to give you a great insight to the destinations and the joy of travel. I've worked on building some of the best travel advice out there, i'm not here to save you money, I'm here to let you know all the great things you can when you arrive. One of the best parts of the journey for me is getting there, i hope my flight guides give you a great look into each airline around the world and the service they can offer.

Southwest Airlines San Diego to Las Vegas Roundtrip – Boeing 737-700NG

As i take a lot of Southwest flights and the product is mainly consistent i thought it would be better to post this trip report as a round trip as the flights are only 45 minutes each way.

Outbound Flight

30th August 2013
Southwest Flight 344
Depart : San Diego (SAN)
Arrive : Las Vegas (LAS)
Departure time : 8:40PM
Arrival Time : 9:55PM
Boeing 737-700
Seat : Free
Flight Time 0h 48m
Meal Service : None

Take Off Video

Route Map
Las Vegas to San Diego Route Map
IĀ think this must have been around my 10th flight from California to Las Vegas.
I’ve flown here from Ontario, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Reno and have always found the short flights fun to say the least.

This was going to be our 5th time in Las Vegas and everyone was looking forward to it

Todays outbound flight was the last flight out from San Diego, departing at 8:40pm, before i had even reached the airport i had received a text message letting me know that my flight had already been delayed due to weather, the plane was coming from Denver and there were some weather issues that caused a delay.

In the end our flight ended up departing at 9:30pm a delay of around 50 minutes, the outbound flight was another standard southwest flight, nothing that really stood out, the flight was very quick and we arrived in 48 minutes, i only managed to snap a picture or two from the outbound flight, but it was enjoyable non the less.

southwest_airlines_las_vegasOn Route

arriving_into_las_vegasWhen we were arriving there was a great view of the strip

Inbound Flight

2nd September 2013
Southwest Flight 4478
Depart : Las Vegas (LAS)
Arrive : San Diego (SAN)
Departure time : 8:40PM (9:38PM Actual)
Arrival Time : 9:55PM
Boeing 737-700
Seat : Free
Flight Time 0h 48m
Meal Service : None

Take Off Video

I think our return flight back to San Diego wins most turbulent flight of 2013 so far. The weather in Las Vegas for the past two days had been a bit stormy , it was the first time i had ever seen it rain in Vegas.

Don’t get me wrong i’ve always been used to bumpy flights departing and arriving into Las Vegas due to the mountains and the crazy temperatures, but this was a 40 minute rollercoaster ride.

Our flight had been delayed a few times due to late arrival of the incoming aircraft, it seems we had been delayed on both legs on this trip.
I was alerted to the weather when sitting in the airport, sometimes i wonder if free Wifi and online weather radars is a good thing, i saw that our flight has filled a flight path on the very edge of some cloud cover, normally i find these weather radars are not accurate or the flight will divert around it, but not this time.

las_vegas_flight_radar_screen_shotAs you can see we went into the green and followed the flight path exactly

The pilot announced we would be in for a smooth flight home and that it was clear skys, which took me by surprise as the weather radar was showing different, but i’m not expert.

Take off from Las Vegas was fairly smooth and the bumps were less than normal for a change, but it was about 8 minutes into the flight things got interesting.
The first thing i had noticed is that the flight attendents had not got up and started the very quick drink services, also the lights in the cabin had not come back on since we had taken off which i found unusual.

The Captain came back onto the P.A and said we might have a few bumps coming up, and even before he finished his message we hit them pretty hard, for the next 30 minutes or so we just went through some pretty choppy weather and were bouncing around all over the place.

The pilots kept coming on to inform us that they were searching for smoother air but were having no luck in finding it, I love it when pilots keep you updated when things are going on and i think this put a lot of people at ease dealing with all the turbulance.

In the end it was a very quick flight from Las Vegas back to San Diego with no drinks service at all, the flight attendents remained strapped in for the entire flight from start to finish.

When i returned home i wanted to see what actual altitudes we had reached and for how long, as it seemed like we never stayed at one level for very long, i was pretty surprised when i checked flight aware.


Overall it was a pretty interesting flight , but we arrived safe and sound back in San Diego

Landing Back Into San Diego


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