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American Airlines Los Angeles to Dallas Ft Worth to San Jose – Boeing 737-800NG & Boeing 757-200

9th November 2013
American Airlines Flights 2442 & 986
Depart : Los Angeles (LAX)
Via : Dallas Ft Worth (DFW)
Arrive : San Jose, CR (SJO)

LAX-DFW Flight 2442
Departure time : 10:15AM (Actual 10:43AM)
Arrival Time : 3:15PM (Actual 3:12PM)
Boeing 737-800NG
Seat Unknown 19A
Flight Time 2h 29m
Meal Service : Snacks

Take Off & landing Video

Trip Route Map

Trip Route Map

For my 30th Birthday we decided on a trip to Costa Rica. This would be my first time visiting a central American country and we were both really looking forward to it.

We decided to drive from San Diego to Los Angeles airport on the night of November 8th and spent one night at the Crowne Plaza LAX so we could enjoy our morning before taking a mid morning flight to Dallas.

I woke up around 6am and got ready and headed to the airport. American airlines are located in Terminal 4 at LAX. We arrived around 8am for check in for our 10:15am flight. Previously the week before there had been a shooting at the airport so security was on much higher alert and that was why we arrived at the airport earlier.

Well onto the check in process, this was a complete joke. I had checked in online to avoid lines at the airport and i had my boarding passes. We arrived at check in to a nightmare, hundreds of people all over the place standing in lines. American seems to have done away with using the counters at LAX and have simply placed self check in machines all over the place with agents standing at them to help. Ok I thought I can just drop my bag as I’ve checked in, turns out I was wrong. The system had no order, the agents who were helping to check people in were also the agents you had to check in with to drop your bag, you had to using the self check in again, go through the entire process and then wait with your bags in a crowd of people for your name to be called. At this point they tagged your bag and you would then have to take it over to a few airport workers who dumped it onto a trolley and just left it.

I was pretty shocked at how bad this system was, we all know that airlines are trying to save money on check in, but this system was useless.

The Terrible Check in Area at LAX

The Terrible Check in Area at LAX

We checked in and were told to drop our bags off, which we did and headed to the security line.

Boarding pass 1, Los Angeles - Dallas Ft Worth

Boarding pass 1, Los Angeles – Dallas Ft Worth

Boarding Pass 2 - Dallas Ft Worth to San Jose,CR

Boarding Pass 2 – Dallas Ft Worth to San Jose,CR

After we had finally made it through check in we proceeded to our gate. We arrived at the gate with around 30 minutes to spare before boarding, this then gave me the chance to sort my bag out after being rushed through the TSA security and having to empty out most of my bag due to them being electronic devices, laptop, cameras etc.

An American Airlines 737-800

An American Airlines 737-800

Boarding was called on time and we proceeded to board.


It was nice to be onboard a Boeing 737-800 with the new next-gen cabin, I do love the extra space they give to the cabin. I arrived at my seat and settled in for the flight. I was sat in window seat 19A today and snapped a few pictures before take off.

Seat 19A

Seat 19A

View of the 737 next gen cabin

View of the 737 next-gen cabin

Not bad leg room for coach

Not bad leg room for coach

We started our taxi to the runway , which was very quick and the captain gave the announcement for the cabin crew to take their seats.
I always love flying from southern california as the flyer conditions most of the time are always great, it was another great clear sunny day and the captain had confirmed that we would be in for a smooth ride today.

Take off was fantastic and not a bump at all on the climb out, we made the turn and got a great view of the coast of California.

Once we reached cruising altitude the drinks serviced commence. Sadly it was just free soft drinks on this flight today and no meal service.

The Inflight Menu

The Inflight Menu

As i was celebrating my birthday i went for a Rum & Diet Coke.

My Choice

My Choice

737 Safety Card

737 Safety Card

The rest of the flight was incredible smooth and the weather just perfect for flying, i must have spent most of the flight just looking out of the window as i could see everything on the ground as we passed over.

On Route - Los Angeles to Dallas Ft Worth

On Route – Los Angeles to Dallas Ft Worth

Around 1 hour and 30 minutes into the flight the cabin crew who somehow found out it was my 30th Birthday came down from 1st class and gave me some complimentary first class cookies and champagne for my birthday. I was really impressed that the cabin crew did this for me and it made a great surprise.

I instantly opened the champagne and finished it off before we landing in Dallas.

On approach to Dallas it was a bit cloudy, but non the less a very smooth landing from the crew, it had been a great flight , now we had just 45 minutes to make our connecting flight in DFW.

DFW-SJO flight 986
Departure time : 4:00PM (Actual 4:14PM)
Arrival Time : 8:00PM (Actual 7:55PM)
Boeing 757-200
Seat Unknown 20A
Flight Time 3h 41m
Meal Service : Dinner

Take Off & Landing Video

As most of you know DFW is a BIG airport and it can take a while to travel between each terminal. We had just 45 minutes to make our connection. We hopped on the monorail and headed to our International flight.

We arrived at the gate with just a few moments to spare. The flight had almost fully boarded so i had just enough time to take a snap of the departure board and plane and then head onto the flight.

Our next flight

Our next flight

The Boeing 757-200 we would be taking

The Boeing 757-200 we would be taking

We would be flying to Costa Rica on board a Boeing 757-200, some of the oldest planes in the American fleet that will be out of service in a few years, but these work horses still have some time left in them.

Wing & Window view

Wing & Window view

Our flying time was going to be just under four hours. Despite being winter time it was still light outside when we taxied to the runway, with Dallas being such a big airport it took about 20 minutes to taxi to the runway.

Lots of Boeing 757's at DFW

Lots of Boeing 757’s at DFW

Take off was fairly smooth and we began our journey to Costa Rica. Around 1 hour and 30 minutes into the flight the dinner service began as the sun was setting outside of my window.

757 Safety Card

757 Safety Card

It has been a while since I have been served a meal on a flight over 3 hours or longer so i was looking forward to trying some airplane food, I was going to be disappointed.

We were given the usual two choices on this flight, the options we had tonight were either a Pasta Dish or a meat dish. As I really did not want to eat meat so late, i opted for the Pasta Dish.

The Pasta Option

The Pasta Option

The dish was somewhat edible, it was essentially a ricotta pasta with a tomato sauce with some cheese sprinkled on top. The rock solid butter and frozen bread role was a nice tough and the dry flavorless salad also failed to impress me.

At least the brownie was ok and kept me going.

The rest of the flight passed by fairly quickly, there is no personal tv screen onboard these old 757’s, you can share the old CRT screen with everyone else down the middle of the plane. Funnily enough Planes was the inflight movie today, I did not watch it.

With around 1 hour left on the flight I could see a few thunderstorms outside as we sailed down the coast at 35,000Ft.

Our arrival into San Jose was a little bit bumpy but nothing too major, there was a major rain storm happening when we landed and it made for a nice cross wind landing, the plane landed with a bit of a bump, but it was nice smooth flight most of the way.

After we landing I spoke with the captain for a brief moment before I headed to immigration to start a fun week in Costa Rica. I found both of the flights with American were pretty decent, both departed in a timely manner and we had a pretty smooth flight on both. The only thing I did not enjoy about the experience was the terrible check in proceedure at LAX, I hope American can fix this system some time in the future.


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