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Alaska Airlines First Class San Jose Del Cabo to San Diego – Boeing 737-800

6th February 2014
Alaskan Airlines Flight 233
Depart : San Jose Del Cabo (SJD)
Arrive : San Diego (SAN)
Departure time : 2:50PM (Actual 2:57PM)
Arrival Time : 4:00PM (Actual 3:51PM)
Boeing 737-800
Seat Unknown 4F
Flight Time 1h 54m
Meal Service : Lunch

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After a great few days in Mexico it was time to head home. I had checked the day before and our upgrade on Alaska had cleared again. I really enjoyed the trip down and was really looking forward to our return flight as it would be the newer Boeing 737-800 First class cabin.

We had been assigned seats 4E & 4F, sadly i was not able to check in online and could also not change the seats. Alaska did apologise for this error, but never fully found out why this was happening.

We took the airport shuttle from downtown Cabo ($15 USD each) and the drive took around 50 minutes and we arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare.

The airport was really busy, mainly with vacation / holiday makers coming back from a week’s trip down here in Mexico, it seemed most of the passengers were flying on American Airlines as the check in line was really long.

We arrived at the Alaska Airlines check in desk to be greeted with no line at all.

No Line

No Line

Check in was very quick and no wait at all, there was no one in the first class line. We collected our boarding passes and headed to security which was upstairs at this airport, no problems here and we were through in about 10 minutes.

We arrived into the departure area with around 1 hour to spare, so we looked around the duty-free and found nothing that really interested us. We decided to have a final Corona before we departed.

Terminal 2 was fairly new and had only been open about 1 year, it mainly catered for international traffic back to the US for vacation makers and had all the comforts of a US airport.

Our 737-800 Back today

Our 737-800 Back today

New Terminal

New Terminal

Final Corono's

Final Corono’s

I checked the departure board and our flight was running on time. A lot of flights had been delayed by around 3 hours today with the terrible storms and winter weather going on in the states.
Thankfully our flight was just coming from Seattle and was running on time.

Return Flight 233

Return Flight 233

Boarding was called and we proceeded to the gate.

I arrived at my seat and was much more impressed this time around, the 800 series was fitted with the next generation cabin and the first class seats were much newer and had twice the leg room of the 400 series aircraft.
The first class cabin had a total of 16 seats.

Much nicer seat

Much nicer seat

Twice the leg room

Twice the leg room

View of the cabin

View of the cabin

Boarding was completed early and we were ready for pushback.

Being at the opposite end of the take off point we had a long taxi past the entire airport terminal and it was nice to see a few unique airlines during the taxi


I snapped a few more pictures as we taxied.

Safety card on the 800/900's

Safety card on the 800/900’s

Ready for the journey home

Ready for the journey home

The Captain of the flight announced that it would be a smooth flight the entire way home with good weather.
We were once again offered a glass of water before take off and no alcohol.

Pre departure water

Pre departure water

Take off was nice and smooth and we made our way to 41,000 FT , this was much higher than the 35,000 FT we flew down at.

Once we had reached 15,000 FT the crew started the drinks service, Once again it being a Mexico trip we decided to go with Corona’s.


New Next Gen Cabin

New Next Gen Cabin

After drinks we were once again offered the salad option and to no surprises it was the couscous salad again, still it was very enjoyable.

Cous Cous Salad with Cilantro Dressing

CousCous Salad with Cilantro Dressing

I sat back and relaxed and listened to some music for the next hour and enjoyed the smooth flight home.


As we started our decent into San Diego I noticed the weather was not the usual blue skies and it was overcast and cloudy, we descended with a few bumps as we passed through the thick cloud cover.

The landing was nice and smooth and we touched down in raining san Diego. The first class experience on the return flight was nice from Alaska and on par with the flight we took down, just the seats and newer plane were much better.

We cleared US customs fairly quickly as no other international flights had landed at the time and headed home.


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