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How to get a Vietnam visa in Sihanoukville,Cambodia 2014

Obtaining a Visa for Vietnam in Cambodia was very easy and we had no trouble at all.
It only took 1 day to get our Visa’s

Outside The Embassy

Outside The Embassy

If you are looking to get a Visa for Vietnam in Sihanoukville, Cambodia then here is a step by step process on how you can do it.

The visa fee has changed and at time of writing this (April 2014) the cost for the 30 day visa is $60 USD cash only.

We were staying in the serendipity beach area and got a tuk tuk to take us to the consulate this cost us $2 USD each way. Or if your feeling adventurous you can walk and it will take you around an hour.

Here is the address for the Embassy if you want to find it on Google.

Vietnamese Consulate
310 Ekareach Boulevard
Khan Mittapheap

A Tuk Tuk should take between 7 – 10 minutes from Serendipity Beach.

The 7 - 10 Minute Tuk Tuk  Ride

The 7 – 10 Minute Tuk Tuk Ride

The Opening hours for Visa’s is pretty straight forward and is on a big sign at the security booth outside.
We arrived on Monday morning at 8am to apply for our Visa’s

The Sign & Opening Times

The Sign & Opening Times

I’ve heard some stories from people that they have applied in the morning and waited for around 15 minutes and got their visa’s. For us it was slightly different we applied and had to come back the same afternoon between 3 – 4 pm to collect them.

What You Need For The Application

To apply for the visa you need just four things.
1.Your Passport
2.$60 USD in Cash
3.One Passport Photo
4.Completed Application

You need to provide the date you will be entering Vietnam and this will be the start date of your Visa.

Here is exactly what i did to apply for the Visa

1. I arrived at the embassy
2.I walked in and turned left and followed the sign that said “VISA’s”
3.I picked up the form and filled it out with my information
4.I handed my completed application and cash and passport to the Visa Clerk
5.I received a receipt for my Visa application
6.I left the embassy and came back at 3pm the same afternoon
7.I picked up my passport with Visa Inside

That’s how simple it is.
Please note the Visa process can change all the time and the fees and process might have changed from when this was posted.

Or if your feeling really lazy , a number of travel agents can get these visa’s for you in Sihanoukville and will just have a small fee for doing so.

My Vietnam Visa

My Vietnam Visa


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5 Comments on “How to get a Vietnam visa in Sihanoukville,Cambodia 2014”

  1. Miz April 28, 2014 at 4:07 pm #

    Hi, Just want to say thank you for your post.
    I went to the Vietnamese Consulate today (Monday, 28 April 2014) at 9:30am to apply for my visa for Vietnam. I was able to get it back the same day at 5pm.
    The tuk tuk there and back (plus wait time) from Serendipity beach/ Golden Lions as you said totalled $4. But I managed to get a mototaxi with a friend (yes, 3 on a bike was not so bad!) to go and collect our visa’s plus take us to Victory Hill beach to watch the sunset & return to Serendipity beach/ Golden Lions for $5.
    The application process was easy… just completed the required form, paid the due amount, and submitted it with my passport.
    I even forgot a passport photo (not that I highlighted this fact), and still nothing was said when I picked up my completed visa at 5pm.
    From what I can remember these were the visa costs in USD:
    $60: 1 month, single entry
    $85: 3 months, single entry
    $115: 3 months, multiple entry
    So again thanks for your advice in getting a Vietnamese visa in Sihanoukville! 🙂

  2. kinging-It.com January 7, 2015 at 2:25 pm #

    Perfect! Thanks a lot for the advise, couldn’t have asked for better!!

  3. Tereza Lopes February 4, 2015 at 10:13 am #

    Beautiful post and very informative pictures. Very beneficial for the travelers.

  4. Jin Feng April 23, 2015 at 4:49 am #

    $60 is a very reasonable price for 01 month single tourist visa for 01 day service. Almost embassies charge at least $100 and require 2-3 business days. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Brenda and Nico June 2, 2015 at 7:04 am #

    Went for our visa today. Very easy. Pick up same day!

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