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Air Asia Review Brunei to Kaula Lumpur – AK1697 – Airbus A320-200

8th March 2014
Air Asia Flight 1697
Depart : Brunei (BWN)
Arrive : Kaula Lumpur (KUL)
Departure time : 4:25pm (Actual 4:54pm)
Arrival Time : 6:40pm (Actual 6:52pm)
Airbus A320-200
Seat 6A
Flight Time 1hr 57m
Meal Service : Food For Purchase

Take off from Brunei


I’ve flown a lot around South East Asia, but I have never been on an air Asia flight. I could have flown back to Kuala Lumpur on Royal Brunei airlines but I figured this would be a great chance to try out Air Asia.

Booking online was easy and it also gave me the chance to book our seats and purchase meals that we wanted to eat in advance. Even though they are a budget carrier I do love the fact that I know what I will be eating in advance than having to wait before I’m on the plane and don’t really enjoy the one or two options they have.

We took our hotel airport shuttle and arrived at Brunei airport with plenty of time for check in. The shiny new terminal at BWN looked amazing. But sadly we would not be using it.

New Terminal

New Terminal

The new terminal was presently accepting zero airlines for check in use. We found a hole cut into the wall at the back of the terminal that lead down a dusty walk way straight into the old BWN terminal.

Ramp to walkway

Ramp to walkway

To the old terminal

To the old terminal

This is where we would be checking in.

Old terminal check in

Old terminal check in

I have found that with budget airlines in Asia, check in seems to be a bit of free for all, it does not help that budget airlines don’t seem to care who cuts in line or who pushes ahead.

One line into many

One line into many

Our flight

Our flight

Finally we made our way to the front and were greeted with what I guess you might call a smile. All of the check in staff seemed super miserable and looked like they hated their jobs.

I did laugh at the face we were all checking in at the COMMON check in counter.

Common Check IN

Common Check IN

Now Air Asia have a strict cabin bag allowance of 7KG and if you purchase a checked baggage allowance they also weigh it. I’m guessing a few people on our flight did not read the ticket rules and they were all over on their baggage allowance and were informed they had to pay a hefty price or loose some item from each bag. Most people started cracking open their suitcases and switching items around which only added to the delays at the check in line.

Check in was quick and we were given what might pass as a boarding pass, essentially its more like a receipt you would get from a shop, but I guess every penny counts on a LCC.

Budget boarding pass

Budget boarding pass

We then headed to the security gate for screening.

After passing screening I had a quick look around the departure terminal. At present there really was not much to do.
It was either visit the coffee bean & tea leaf or the gift shop.


There was a pretty cool model of the upcoming Royal Brunei Boeing 787


We grabbed a coffee from the coffee bean and took a seat in the departure hall



Our plane arrived late from Kuala Lumpur and not did not reach the gate until 4:10pm.
I was impressed at how quickly the plane was turned around and we began boarding at 4:25pm.

Our Plane

Our Plane

While waiting in the sky walk to board the plane I noticed one of the pilots next to me and we started chatting. He informed me today there would be 3 pilots today as one was training and he was the training officer for the flight today. He let me know that the flight would be smooth and there should be no unexpected turbulence today.

We boarded the plane and we were greeted with a sea of seats


View from the wing

View from the wing

Premier Air Asia Seats

Premier Air Asia Seats

The plane was clean and the seats were comfortable and the legroom was decent. There was no entertainment on this flight, but it’s not really needed for a two hour flight and that is what keeps the overall cost of Air Asia fares low.

My Seat

My Seat



I took a moment to look through the in flight magazine and menu card





We started our taxi to the runway and the safety announcement began

It was repeated in three languages


The take off roll began and we had a smooth take off into clear skies. It was a great day to be flying

The food and drink service started about 15 minutes after take off.

 Air Asia is great because you can pre order your meals online when booking and pay for it then and there, and the added bonus when you order online is that you get your food delivered to you first before they serve everyone else on the flight.

We had pre ordered a few items to give them a try.

Chicken Satay
Fresh Coconut

The flight attendant came over and asked to see our boarding passes and then served us our pre booked food orders




The chicken satay was super hot and the peanut sauce was pretty tasty, not sure on the onion as a side but I enjoyed it


I was surprised when I was handed an entire coconut on the flight as I thought it would have been given to me in a cartoon or something for safety reasons, but no…..I was given a full sized coconut ready to drink.

After the food had been served I settled in for the next one hour and fifteen minutes of the flight to relax.

Nice clear day for flying

Nice clear day for flying

As predicted by the pilot I spoke with the entire flight was very smooth and there was practically no turbulence at all. I do love it when flights are like this.

We then started our decent in Kuala Lumpur and it started to become very smoggy. Touchdown was smooth and then we taxied to the LCCT terminal at KLIA.




It has been a while since I’ve walked off a set of stairs at an airport and walked around bustling airport traffic and luggage movers and aircraft being refilled, for an airline geek it was pretty fun to be up close to the aircraft.



I was not expecting a lot from Air Asia, but I was really impressed at the entire flight experience and would fly them again in the future.
It had been a great budget airline experience, pretty much on par with some full service carriers.


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