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Vietjet Review Ho Chi Minh to Danang – Airbus A320-200

16th April 2014
Vietjet Airways Flight 8382
Depart : Ho Chi Minh (SGN)
Arrive : Danang (DAD)
Departure time : 10:25am (Actual 10:57am)
Arrival Time : 11:35am (Actual 11:56am)
Airbus A320-200
Seat  12A
Flight Time : 1Hr 1Min Minutes
Meal Service : None

Take off from Ho Chi Minh

Route Map

Route Map

Today would be my first time flying domestic inside Vietnam. It seems Vietnam airways has held a monopoly with flights for some time in Vietnam and they have pretty expensive fares for such short flights.

But step up relative newcomer Vietjet. Having only started operations on 25th December 2011, Vietjet have been rapidly expanding inside Vietnam and have started flying to other countries, Bangkok, Korea, Cambodia,Taiwan & Singapore are all fairly new destinations offered by the carrier.
They had filed for operations as far back as 2007, but the paperwork took forever.

We could have flown Vietnam Airlines on this flight for $150 USD per person, but Vietjet’s fare was unbeatable. We ended up paying just $38 USD per person for this flight, that included the fees for our seat assignment and checked baggage, that’s a pretty amazing fare in 2014 and that was our main reason for picking them.

 Vietjet are a low cost carrier and operate an all Airbus fleet with an all economy cabin.

I was looking forward to trying another new airline today.


We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare even though it was domestic. We found out where our check in counter was and made our way. The Vietjet check in area was fairly small located over in the corner of the airport, there was not a lot a space which caused some chaos and there was not much organization, it just seemed everyone was checking in at the same counter. Just waiting in the check in line took over thirty minutes.



Check in was fairly painless and we were handed our paper boarding passes and off to security we went.

Cheap Boarding pass

Cheap Boarding pass

 After check in we cleared security pretty quickly and walked over to gate 16 which we would be departing from.

Near gate 16

Near gate 16

 We all relaxed for about 20 minutes and then noticed some commotion at the Vietjet desk at our gate. We walked over to find out that the gate had changed and all the passengers were mad that they were not told, as it was 10:10am at this point. We had now been moved to gate 5 which was the other side of the airport, so everyone rushed over to the new gate.



We had a few minutes to spare so i snapped a few pictures from our gate.



We were then called for boarding, a bit after the expected time.


The plane was really clean and had been manufactured in 2010 , today we would be flying on registration VN-A699. An aircraft previously owned by Olympic Air.



The cabin was clean and the seats were all leather and had the regular seat width, it reminded me a lot of the air Asia cabin.




We had paid about 2 USD more on this flight to book the exit row seats in advance, if you ask me it was well worth it for the extra leg room.

Boarding was quick and easy and before we knew it the door was shut and we would be heading for the runway.

As we taxied to the runway all of the clouds had cleared up and we would be taking off into clear, but smoggy skies.



On our way to the runway we passed a JAL 767 and a Vietnam airways ATR.

JAL Boeing 767

JAL Boeing 767

ATR 72-500

ATR 72-500

Take off was nice and smooth and before I knew it we were at cruising altitude and the drinks service began. As it was only a 1 hour flight I decided to just have a can of ice tea, it cost me 20,000 dong.

On Route

On Route

The entire flight was nice and smooth and we did not encounter any turbulence at all.

We touched down smoothly into Danang, a little bit later than expected, but not really a major disappointment as we had no real plans for the day.



It was a great short flight and I was glad we booked with Vietjet and save a lot on the ticket compared to Vietnam airlines. For short flights I really enjoy low cost carriers, as you really get what you pay for and if you don’t need a lot the money saved is worth it.


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One Comment on “Vietjet Review Ho Chi Minh to Danang – Airbus A320-200”

  1. Phil October 21, 2014 at 9:06 pm #

    You are very brave! I simply stay away from uncivilised areas of the world where mob rule seems to be their raison d’etre. Also the cabin looks very claustrophobic with all those people sharing the same recycled air. Good way to pick up germs.
    Glad you got a roomy seat. I now must travel business class due to the suffocating seats and without ample leg room which is criminal. The airlines need to be taken to task cutting corners leading to much discomfort from the travelling public!

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