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Cathay Pacific Business Class Review Bangkok to Hong Kong – Boeing 777-300 – CX750

4th May 2014
Cathay Pacific Flight 750
Depart : Bangkok (BKK)
Arrive : Hong Kong (HKG)
Departure time : 11:15am (Actual 11:19am)
Arrival Time : 2:48pm (Actual 2:54pm)
Boeing 777-300 ER
Seat : 17 A
Flight Time : 2 Hours 11 Minutes
Meal Service : Lunch

Full Video Trip Report

Route Map

Route Map

 Today we would be flying from Bangkok to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific. We had booked the flights using BA Avios miles and we were scheduled to be flying on an Airbus A330 which had the regional business class product. About a month before our departure the aircraft was changed to a Boeing 777-300 which would feature Cathay’s new business class flatbed product. I was fairly excited to say the least to try out this service.

We took the airport rail link from downtown Bangkok to the airport and arrived about 3 hours prior to departure and had plenty of time to spare.

The departure check in hall at Bangkok airport is fairly big and we would be checking in at section M.

Large check in hall

Large check in hall


 Check in was open for First and Business class passengers and there was no line when we arrived.




 Check in was incredible quick and handled with amazing customer service. Before i knew it I had been given my boarding passes and fast track security passes.

Security fast pass

Security fast pass


The security fast pass was a real blessing at Bangkok airport as the security line was really long on our day of travel. As soon as i walked away from the Cathay pacific check in desk, all i had to do was walk a few steps and I arrived at the Premium lane for security.


Security was quick and there was a small wait at the immigration desk, but this only took about five minutes.

We would be leaving from gate G2 today and as check in and security was so quick we had plenty of time to relax and head to the Cathay Pacific lounge before our flight.

Lounge Pass

Lounge Pass

It was fairly easy to locate the lounge and took us about 10 minutes to get there after passing immigration.



After having our lounge passes checked we entered the lounge. Its a fairly small Cathay lounge in Bangkok but as they only operate flights to Hong Kong from here it was more then enough and avoids the chaos of the departure area.


The lounge is split into two sides, as you walk in on the right side is a area with some computers you can use and a some more comfortable seats to relax in. On the left hand side is the food service area and it seems to be more like a bar than a lounge.


It was breakfast time and the selection was fine, just the usual coffee, cereal, hot breakfast items and plenty of instant noodle cups to go around.








I had heard from other people who had used the lounge that it was dark, but I found myself that it was nice and bright and the floor to ceiling windows provided plenty of light into the room.

For the short stay we had in the lounge I found it to be a great experience with everything I could need for such a short upcoming flight.

I had a few cups of coffee, some cereal and a yoghurt and relaxed, we had about one hour in the lounge before we needed to leave and find the gate.

Shortly after it was time to walk to the gate, this did not take us that long at all.

Our 777-300 For today

Our 777-300 For today


We arrived at the gate about five minutes before boarding was called.
Boarding was done quickly and First and Business class passengers were called to board first, today’s flight was full and every seat taken, which did surprise me a bit.

As I walked onto the plane I was greeted with a smile and welcomed on board and directed to my seat, which was down the right side of the plane.

 I was sat in seat 17A



 The seat itself was fantastic, a fully flat bed with plenty of leg room.

Leg room

Leg room

I settled into my seat and took a few photos of the cabin.


I really love it when a business class cabin has direct aisle seat access for everyone on the plane. I do love the 1-2-1 seating.

The TV was located in front and clipped into the sidewall, With just a touch of a button it comes out and sits in front of you.


Here are a few photos on board before departure.

Safety Card 777-300ER

Safety Card 777-300ER









My View

My View

The weather in the area today was cloudy with thunderstorms. I was expecting a fairly bumpy take off, but before push back the captain came on and informed us flying conditions would be smooth and that we might experience some light chop in the cruise.

After i had taken my photos around the cabin, the crew came around and offered my pre departure drink.
I went with a glass or orange juice, followed by champagne.



We pushed back on time and I relaxed as we made our way to the runway.
Take off as very smooth and it was fairly clear passing through the clouds.

It took about 15 minutes to reach our cruising altitude and at this point the crew started the second drinks service.

I went with another glass of Champagne (Billecart-Salmon) and then I was handed today’s menu to take a look at.

Below is a full break down of the menu.








 Today I was going to try the beef and see how it compared to the excellent beef I had been given on Virgin Atlantic.

The cabin crew were incredible friendly and attentive during dinner service and were incredible productive, shortly after being handed the menu and placing my order my food had arrived.



The started was ok, nothing amazing. I’m not the biggest cold prawn fan, but I was hungry and made the most of it.

Next up came my main course.

Chewy Stake

Chewy Stake

 Sadly the steak was very chewy and really tough, I was not able to eat half of the steak because it was almost impossible to cut through it. But i know that steak on a plane is one of those hit or miss situations.

For desert I had hagen das ice cream, which is always delicious.

 After Lunch I had a few more glasses of champagne and relaxed into my seat for the rest of the flight, a few minutes after lunch, the crew came around and offered a cleaning wipe and a chocolate.



After my chocolate the captain gave an announcement (he was Australian) and said we would be landing in about 1 hours time and that the rest of the flight should be nice and smooth, but with some cloud cover when landing in Hong Kong.

Even though the flight was fairly short, it was a great level of service and fantastic for such a short lunch service.

Before landing I made my seat into the flat bed position to see how comfortable it was, I must admit this Business class seat had much more comfort than the Virgin Atlantic upper class seat.

Seat in flat bed position

Seat in flat bed position

I then enjoyed the remaining flight time just relaxing.

In Cruise

In Cruise

We then started our decent into Hong Kong and passed through some cloud before we landed, the pilots did an amazing job of making the flight incredible smooth and we had a perfect touch down.
We then taxied around Hong Kong airport and I took a few pictures.

Yep, A CX Hub

Yep, A CX Hub

Planes heading to the runway

Planes heading to the runway

A copy of our plane

A copy of our plane

At the gate

At the gate

We pulled up at the gate and we were first off the plane, on our way to immigration I took a few pictures of the walk. We would be collecting our bags and then trying out the Cathay Pacific arrivals lounge.




It took a little bit of time to find the arrival lounge. Its tucked away in the terminal, but we found it none the less.

We showed our boarding passes and entered the lounge. Before having something to eat I took a quick shower.
The shower rooms were fairly spacious and private and I enjoyed a quick hot shower before checking out the Lounge.




The lounge itself is fairly small and had no windows, so not sure if it would be great for a late night arrival, it might send you to sleep having some time in here after a long flight. The food menu was fairly limited and they had some self service items you could help yourself to.







I tried the BBQ chicken sandwich, which was less than thrilling and tasted rather bland, and my wife had some soup, which she said was really good, but at this point she was not that hungry.


We only spent about one hour in the lounge before catching the airport train into Hong Kong central, it was nice to have a shower after landing and even though the lounge was small and the food fairly plain, I always prefer an arrival lounge over heading straight into the city.


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