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Asiana Airlines Business Class Review Hong Kong To Seoul – Airbus A330 – OZ722

11th May 2014
Asiana Airlines Flight 722
Depart : Hong Kong (HKG)
Arrive : Seoul (ICN)
Departure time : 1:10pm (Actual 1:42pm)
Arrival Time : 5:20pm (Actual 6:02pm)
Airbus 330-300
Seat : 3 A
Flight Time : 3 Hours 19 Minutes
Meal Service : Lunch

Full Video Trip Report

Route Map

Route Map

Today we would be flying from Hong Kong to Seoul on Asiana Airlines in Business class. This would be my first time trying out the Asiana Business class product, but I was really looking forward to the experience as I’ve only ever heard really good things about the airline.

We arrived early at Hong Kong airport and had a short amount of time to wait until the check in counter was open, we walked around for about 20 minutes before check in was open.




Asiana airlines is located at check in area J at Hong Kong airport.


We arrived at the check in counter and used the business class check in area.




The check in process was quick and very efficient, we were handed our boarding passes and we were informed that we could use 3 lounges to relax in. We had options for Singapore, United and Thai airways.
I had read online before that the Singapore airlines lounge was rather disappointing, so we opted for the United lounge, even though it was located at gate 60, which was fairly far from our gate (gate 29).


Upon arriving at the united lounge we were greeted nicely , but before we walked in we were promptly told not to take any pictures of the food. We could take pictures of the lounge, but not any of the food. Which was really really strange, I did not even have my camera out or anything.





The United lounge was great, I mean it’s not the best lounge in the world or anything. But the space was amazing.
The lounge consisted of about four areas to relax and enjoy food and wine. I also loved the fact the lounge is on the 2nd floor at the airport, this gives you some great views of the runway for take offs and also some great views of parked planes.


Mainly because I was asked not to take photographs of the food, I decided to have a real good look at the food options to see if there was something I was missing. The food selection was fairly standard, but United did have a “build your own taco” section. Maybe they are trying to keep this top-secret to prevent other airlines from finding out about it.

Taco madness

Taco madness

Other food options were fairly similar to what you find in most lounges around the world.



I did find the time to relax with a glass of wine and enjoy this spectacular view.

Best place to enjoy a glass of wine

Best place to enjoy a glass of wine

I love Hong Kong airport and the amount of Unique and rare airlines that fly in and out of it, even a few blacklisted airlines still have operations here, it always great to see something unique. I took a few snaps of planes within my view.



We enjoyed the lounge for about one hour before making the twenty-minute walk to our gate to board the plane.


The weather in Hong Kong prior to take off had been terrible. It had been raining and thunderstorms for the past two days. Downtown Hong Kong had flooded the night before due to the amount of rain the city had received. The weather at the airport was not great today and i expected a bumpy ride up through the clouds.

Cloud Skies

Cloud Skies

We boarded on time and I had a moment to take a look around the cabin before take off.
We would be flying an Airbus A330-300 today and the seating configuration in business class was 2-2-2.

asiana_airbus_a330_business_class_seat_mapAsiana seem to have many uses for their A330’s. They use them on short and long haul flights. Today our flight would be operated in a two class configuration. Business and coach.

There are 30 Business class seats on the A330 and they are all angled lie flat seats, so not fully flat beds, but still great for the duration of this flight.

The seats are in a fixed shell so you don’t have to feel guilty about fully reclining as this won’t move your seat into the person behind you. The seats had around 60 inches of pitch and a 15 inch TV screen with AVOD.



I found the seat to be really comfortable and the cabin fairly intimate, about 20 of the 30 seats on today’s flight had been occupied. Each seat has a universal power outlet, two USB ports and plenty of space for all of your items. There is also a slide out divider if you want more privacy from the person next to you.




The cabin was bright and spacious and we settled in for our 3 hour flight.



We boarded on time. But sat around on the tarmac waiting for take off as there was some pretty terrible storms in the area at the time. Most flights today had been delayed.
Because we had been sat on the tarmac for a while I snapped a few extra pictures of the cabin items on our flight.







Asiana_Business_Class_Hong_Kong_to_Seoul_Airbus_a33075 Asiana_Business_Class_Hong_Kong_to_Seoul_Airbus_a33076


Shortly after I took the pictures we pushed back from the gate and the friendly ground crew waived us goodbye. It seems that ground crews in Asia seem to do this often, I think its fantastic and it always puts a smile on my face.


As we taxied for take off I finished up my champagne, I also forget to mention that when we boarded and found our seats, The cabin managed came over to us and introduced himself and wanted to let us know if there was anything we needed during our flight to just let him know and he would try his best to get it done. Its this little touch that makes certain business class flights better than others.


Take off was really really smooth, there was less bumps than I had expected.
Shortly after take off drinks serviced commenced and I opted for another glass of champagne, during drinks service I was handed the menu for today’s flight.









Asiana_Business_Class_Hong_Kong_to_Seoul_Airbus_a33098 Asiana_Business_Class_Hong_Kong_to_Seoul_Airbus_a33099




I opted for the following from the western menu,

Grilled Shrimp with Couscous Salad
Grilled Chicken Breast
Cheese Plate
Lemon Tart

I had picked the Western menu meal as we had been in Asia for 3 months at this point and I had eaten my fill on Asian dishes and just hoped I could enjoy a taste of home.

Just before dinner service began I was given a hot towl to clean up with.


The starter was ok and fairly fresh, I did eat it all so it must have been fairly decent.


Next up was the main course, the Chicken.


The Chicken dish was rather dissapointing, the Chicken was rubbery and I only ate a small part of it, the pasta noodles had turned hard and were very chewy and the mushy veggies on the side did not help.

I was hoping desert would be the saving grace.


Desert was fine, but a bit on the dry side as it came with nothing at all.


I then enjoyed the cheese plate, but it was disappointing not having any crackers at all with the cheese and the celery and carrot on the side were incredibly dry.

Even though the food was not fantastic, the crew on this flight really made it amazing and they had great attention to detail during meal service. I was constantly being topped up with water and champagne during the flight making for a great experience.


The rest of the flight was enjoyable, I put the chair into recline and watched a TV episode.


It was smooth sailing for most of the flight, for the last 30 minutes were seemed to be flying into heavy mist, it did not make the flight bumpy of anything, just ruined my wonderful view.

We started our decent into Seoul and it had been an enjoyable flight, we had a long approach into Seoul on a rainy day and touched down smoothly. We arrived at the gate a little bit late, but this was understandable due to the weather in Hong Kong when we departed and I would rather wait than have a bumpy flight.



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