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Korean Air Economy Class Busan to Beijing – Airbus A330 – KE829

19th May 2014
Korean Airlines Flight 829
Depart : Busan (PUS)
Arrive : Beijing (PEK)
Departure time : 8:05am (Actual 8:15am)
Arrival Time : 9:16am (Actual 9:20am)
Airbus 330-300
Seat : 33 A
Flight Time : 2 Hours 5 Minutes
Meal Service : Breakfast

Take off from Busan


When flying from Busan to Beijing you have three options. Korean Air, Air China & Asiana Airlines. As we had previously flown Asiana to Korean and had an upcoming flight with Air China, we decided it would be good to try another carrier we had not flown with before.

Our flight departure time was scheduled for 8:05am. We took a short taxi ride from downtown Busan to the airport and arrived in no time at all as traffic was light.

We arrived at the airport around 6AM and went straight to the check in counter. Busan is an interesting airport, its had a fairly large terminal for what seems like such a small amount of flights. With Seoul being just a two hour train ride away I was impressed by how many options Busan had, but it being the second biggest city in Korea after Seoul it made perfect sense.

Check In Area

Check In Area



Check in was handled very quickly and after a short 10 minute wait we had our boarding passes and headed off to security.



We cleared security and headed towards our gate, the air side part of the terminal was fairly empty compared to the check in area.

Gate Area

Gate Area

After waiting at our gate for about 30 minutes boarding was called.
Our plane today was originally scheduled to be a Boeing 737-800 but the week before it was changed to an Airbus A330-300. Which we did not mind at all as the seating configuration was much better in Economy class and I always prefer flying widebody jets.





Boarding was completed quickly and before I knew it we were ready to taxi.

As i mentioned I prefer the A330 over the Boeing 737 as the seating config in Economy class is 2 – 4 – 2 over Boeing’s 3 – 3.
This gave me and my wife a nice private little area together on the plane and we did not have to worry about someone climbing over us all the time.


Korean Air Economy seats are fairly run of the mill and provided a small amount of comfort for a short flight.



The weather today was fantastic, it was a crisp sunny morning in Busan, A great day for flying.



Legroom was about average for Economy.




We pushed back about 10 minutes late and took off fairly quick and the take off was nice and smooth.

The friendly ground crew waived us goodbye.

About 20 minutes into the flight breakfast service began.

I had not been feeling well for the last two days and had spent them in the hotel bed, Because of this I could hardly stomach anything, so I turned down the breakfast option on today’s flight.

Once the first 15 – 20 rows of people had been served breakfast we started to hit some light chop. Shortly after the captain came on to let us know that the rest of the flight would be fairly turbulent.
Very quickly after his announcement we hit a fairly rough patch of turbulence and breakfast service was quickly suspended and the cabin crew had to take their seats, this went of for about 15 minutes.

I was surprised by the amount of turbulence on the flight as when looking out the window it was clear blue sky and I could see all the way to the ground from my window.


At one point our highest altitude was 35,000 FT but we mainly cruised along at 28,000 FT just under the turbulance. With about 45 minutes left of the flight I noticed we had reached a flying altitude of 14,000 FT and we flew towards Beijing at this flight next for about the next 25 minutes before making our decent into Beijing.

I can only guess there must have been some choppy air higher up and the pilots decided to fly below it.

On approach to Beijing we circled for around 10 – 15 minutes and it was fairly bumpy as we made some manouvers. As we got closer to landing we start getting into some heavy smog.


Touchdown in Beijing was nice and smooth and we taxied to the gate. We passed a few interesting aircraft on our way to the terminal.



Our planned flight path today was 765 NM but we ended up flying 920 NM. I enjoyed most of the flight even though I was not feeling great and the turbulance did not help. I was happy we had tried another airline and was looking forward to exploring China.


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