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British Airways Economy Review London City to Zurich – Embraer 190 – BA8765

5th June 2014
British Airways Flight 8765
Depart : London City (LCY)
Arrive : Zurich (ZRH)
Departure time : 12:55pm (Actual 1:02pm)
Arrival Time : 15:10pm (Actual 15:05pm)
Embraer 190SR
Seat : 12A (Exit Row)
Flight Time : 1 Hour 2 Minutes
Meal Service : Snack

Take off from London City


London City Airport is a quirky little airport to say the least. It has a close proximity to canary wharf and mainly started our providing business flights to short haul European destinations. In the last few years it has really expanded a fair bit, with fair priced flights to Europe and an all Business class service to New York on British Airways.

We had to fly to Zurich and had a few options, We would have flown from Gatwick with easyjet or from Heathrow on British Airways or Swiss airlines for the same prices. But after having a look I found that I could also fly from London City airport for the same price on BA cityflyer. This was a much more convenient option that departing from Gatwick or Heathrow and saved us time getting to the airport and that was why we decided to fly from London City.

We arrived at London City airport after taking the underground from central London and then switching onto the light rail line. Total travel time from Central London was about 45 minutes.


It was really easy to navigate the underground network and much cheaper than any other travel option.

We arrived with plenty of time to spare before check in and had a sandwich at the PRET located inside the check in area.

This would be our first time flying on an Embraer Aircraft and British Airways operate the 190 type of the aircraft.



Check in was easy and there were no lines at all. I have heard that during peak times the check in area does get very crowded on the early morning flights. Thankfully we had a midday departure.



After check in we proceeded through security and the process was very quick. London City airport has a much more relaxed feel than any other London airport I’ve flown from. The security line was a breeze, I got the feeling as there is a lot of business travel, everyone has gone through the security process many times and everyone travels a lot making for a quick process.


The departure area had fairly limited facilities, a few places to have something to eat and one bar for having a few drinks.
This is one thing they could improve on in the future to make the passenger experience more enjoyable.


We had a few drinks in the bar before our flight was called for boarding. The bar area gave some great views of the tarmac and I was able to snap a picture of our plane from the bar.



To board your aircraft at London City you walk to your gate and then head down a staircase onto the tarmac level and from there you walk across the tarmac onto the plane.

I do enjoy something a bit different from the usual Jet Bridge to most of the flights I take. It sort of reminds me of the old way to fly.




After being held in the holding area for a short while boarding was called and we all proceeded out onto the tarmac, we had options to board from the front or rear of the plane.





British Airways Embraer 190’s have a seating capacity of 98 passengers split between club europe and regular coach. Though its worth noting the Club Europe seats are the same. And as the configuration on the aircraft is just 2 – 2 I don’t really see them being able to block the middle seat. So for the extra money I don’t see the enjoyment.

The aircraft seemed a lot lower inside and had a lot less space, I can say that for short haul flights I prefer Boeing 737’s or Airbus 319,320,321 over these aircraft any day, But it was nice to try something new.


I had checked in online earlier today and had selected the emergency exit row seat for the extra legroom. Seat 12A





There is no on board entertainment on any of this type of aircraft in the British Airways fleet , so make sure you bring something to keep yourself entertained.

The seat was about normal I was really happy with the amount of leg room we had with the exit row seats.




We left the gate on time and had to back taxi on the runway for our take off, as London city has a very short runway I expected a fair amount of power on the take off.


The engines powerd up to more than usual and we blasted off down the runway, we must have only used half of the runway and we lifted off.

It was sunny down over England today with some scatterd clouds. The first 5 minutes of the flight were fairly bumpy, it was pretty clear outside and after about 10 minutes we reached cruising altitude.


About 15 minutes into the flight the cabin crew offered us a snack, it was a chicken sandwich and some sort of muffin, nothing to write home about I’m afraid, fairly bland and dry. I’m not sure what it cost’s to make this snack, but I would have rather had this cost taken off the cost of my fare.



I had a glass of water on the flight as it would be short.

The flight was very quick and before I knew it we were starting our decent into Zurich.

Coming into Zurich was a little bumpy, but overall it was a fantastic flight and we landed 5 minutes ahead of schedule.

I have to admit that even though I was not a massive fan of the smaller aircraft on this route, I did enjoy the added benefits of the 2- 2 seating over the usual 3 -3 seating on these routes. I also really liked that it was very simple to get to London City over other London airports and at a competitive price. I would indeed use this service again on other routes.

I sat in row 12 and the flight probably only had a load factor of about 45 percent today.

We taxied to the gate and even got off really quickly. I snapped a few photos of our plane and the A380 parked next to us.





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2 Comments on “British Airways Economy Review London City to Zurich – Embraer 190 – BA8765”

  1. globaltrotter May 16, 2016 at 12:45 pm #

    Thanks for your helpful post. Q: were there luggage bins above Row 12? I’m on a busy flight and slightly concerned as to whether I will have enough room for cabin baggage given this is an exit row seat. Thanks!

    • When I Travel The World May 16, 2016 at 3:26 pm #

      Hi, From what I remember there was luggage bins above row 12, but because its an ERJ, on the left hand side, the bins are very small. So small you can’t fit a carry on suitcase, it would only fit in the bins on the right hand side as they are deeper on that side.

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