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Austrian Airlines Business Class Review Vienna – London Heathrow – Airbus A320

17th June 2014
Austrian Airlines Flight 451
Depart : Vienna (VIE)
Arrive : London Heathrow (LHR)
Departure time : 7:00am (Actual 7:14am)
Arrival Time : 8:25am (Actual8:22am)
Airbus A320
Seat : 1A
Flight Time :  2 Hours 8 Minutes
Meal Service : Breakfast

Full Trip Report


We had an early departure today and booked a taxi to take us from the hotel to the airport. Our taxi arrived right on time at 4:30 AM and we arrived at the airport at 5:00 AM. At this point in the morning traffic was non existent so the drive was really quick.

The check in area was empty and we proceeded to the front of the line.



There was also options for self serve check in, but as we would be connecting in London, We needed to make sure our bags would be checked all the way through to Los Angeles.




Check in was flawless and our bags were checked all the way through to Los Angeles. We were given both our boarding passes but we were advised that we would need to re check in for a United boarding pass when in London.
The staff at the check in counter were very friendly and professional and instructed us that the Austrian airlines lounge would be open at 5:30am.


We went through security and headed to the lounge just as the doors were opening.



The Austrian airlines lounge was located right next door to the Red Lounge which offered passengers the chance to pay to head into the lounge. I think we were in the Senator lounge and not the red lounge. But I’ve been informed that the two might have now merged at the airport.

The red lounge has a really interesting list of airlines that could use it.


We showed our boarding passes to gain entry to the lounge and went in for breakfast. I was really happy with the lounge and its layout and it had lots of natural light and a great view onto the tarmac.



The lounge had two coffee machines which could make anything and there was plenty to choose from for breakfast and there was a small alcohol selection available, it was a little bit early for that though.









We relaxed in the lounge for about 45 minutes and then decided to head towards our gate for the flight as it would be boarding soon. Overall we were both really impressed with the airport lounge.

We would be boarding at gate G12 today. I could see our plane had arrived. Our boarding passes were checked again before being held in a little pen with everyone where we waited to be called for boarding.




Boarding was called and completed very quickly. I would say the load factor today was about 75 % for this flight and the business class section had 12 seats, but only 4 were occupied. We were sat in the first row which was empty apart from us.

Our Business class seats today were the same seats as everyone else had, but the middle seat had been blocked out “for our comfort”.
We both knew that the seats would be the standard seat so no big deal here. This is pretty much the case with all European airlines.




The seat was comfortable and we had plenty of leg room to stretch out. When boarding we were greeted and shown to our seats.




I liked the free post cards you could use on the flight which had Austrian Airlines aircraft on them.

We pushed back on time and made our way to the runway.



It was a great summer’s day for flying with early morning blue skies. Take off was very smooth and it was a very smooth accent to our cruising altitude.


Today’s flying time was scheduled to be just over two hours and we would be served a European breakfast which had been provided and DO & CO catering.

Once we had reached our cruising altitude the breakfast service was in full swing.


Today’s breakfast offering was a cheese panini with some cold ham and cheese on the side. A small selection of fruit and a croissant. It would have been nice to be served the croissant on a plate as to just being on the plastic tray , but it did not really matter as the croissant was rock solid and I could hardly chew through it.

 The cheese panini was ok and I enjoyed the fruit and washed it all down with a breakfast cup of tea.

Personally if I was booking this flight and paying in cash, I would just purchase a regular economy seat. This fare sells for about 70-80 euros one way, and business class is between 200 – 250 euros. For the extra cost you are getting lounge access and some food in the air so to me its not really worth the money.

We had saved money by booking this flight using miles and saved even more buy departing from Austria and connecting in London onto the same flight we had wanted due to the APD tax in England.


I did love the tea cup, though a bit small.





We had made great time on our flight and were scheduled to arrive five minutes early. But just as we started making our decent into London, the pilots came on to let us know we would be stacking for around twenty minutes before we could land.

We landed in London and taxied to our gate quickly and passed our United plane that would be taking us to Los Angeles. Overall it had been a great quick flight and we really enjoyed flying with Austrian today.



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