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United Airlines Business Class London to Los Angeles Review – Boeing 777-200 – UA936

17th June 2014
United Airlines Flight 935
Depart : London Heathrow (LHR)
Arrive : Los Angeles (LAX)
Departure time : 10:35am (Actual 11:19am)
Arrival Time : 13:50pm (Actual 13:53pm)
Boeing 777-200ER
Seat : 6K
Flight Time : 10 Hours 35 Minutes
Meal Service : Lunch & Breakfast

Full Video Trip Report


 We had flown in from Vienna earlier that morning and had to transfer to the brand new Terminal 2 building (Queens Terminal) that had just opened about two weeks before and was still exclusively just being used by United to iron out the kinks.



 We had arrived from Vienna and had to exchange our boarding passes for new United one’s before we could proceed.
As you can see it was just United departures at this moment in time. A strange sight to see at Heathrow.


We went to the United airlines check in counter and we presented our boarding passes for exchange, thankfully there were no lines at all for the United check in area and we found proceeded straight to the check in agent.


Just before we walked into the line barriers to approach the agent, I was stopped by a lady with a clipboard and asked if I had my ESTA for travel to the States. I replied that I did not need one as I was a permanent resident in the USA with a green card and did not need one. She asked to see my green card and I had to explain that it was being renewed at the time and I did not have one with me. But what I did have was an official letter stating this and a stamp in my passport that had been filled out stating what the situation was.

The lady could not wrap her head around this and it seemed as if she thought I was making this up. It took about 20 minutes for her and another agent to decide to show this to the United Representative at the desk at which the United agent said “oh i get these all the time, its fine”. This was really frustrating as the agent had kept us there for 20 minutes, even though they had no clue what they were looking at and the united agent who was just steps away would have solved it in a second.


But that aside the United agent quickly printed our boarding passes and informed us where the lounge was.


The new Queens terminal was a massive improvement over the old terminal and had a modern airport and light feel to it. It was really spectacular, almost like a small scale terminal 5. It was a bit of a ghost town because it was only being used by United at this moment.


We proceeded to the brand new United lounge so we could have a few drinks and some breakfast before boarding our aircraft.


The new lounge was massive and cut up into about 4 separate areas with places to sit and lounge and another area for the breakfast items.
It was light and had high ceilings and very modern.



The lounge was very busy as a lot of people had morning flights departing. I checked out the breakfast area decided to take a seat at the bar and enjoy some champagne.
There was plenty available to choose from at the breakfast buffet and I nibbled on a few items and took them back to the bar area with me.









There was some really great old pictures located around the lounge showing the golden days of air travel with united and some of their older planes on display. I thought it was a nice touch to see this in the lounge.



I will be honest the champagne selection was not exactly mind blowing.



I could see our plane parked outside awaiting us from the lounge.


After relaxing for about 45 minutes boarding was called and we had to leave the lounge and walk towards our departure gate.

We boarded the aircraft as soon as we turned up at the gate and got to board using the L1 door business / first class entrance.
It was nice to be greeted and shown to our seats when we boarded.

Today I was sitting in seat 6K.



Boarding was called on time and completed very quickly.
I was shown to my seat and took a look around and investigated what the seat had to offer.


Multiple handy power points and USB charging points







I made myself comfortable. The seat itself was really comfortable and you could feel a decent recline before you even made it a flat bed. I found that I had plenty of space in my seat and lots of room between me and my seat mate.


The entertainment screen was a very decent size and hot lots of options to watch on the return flight.




I was offered a pre take off drink , So I opted for some champagne.

The champagne being offered was De Venoge Cordon Bleu Select. I have never heard of this brand before, I guess it’s a champagne you can pick up for about $50 per bottle at most stores. Either way the taste was perfectly fine and I relaxed in my seat waiting for us to push back from the gate.

We waited for a while and we had still not pushed back, after about 30 minutes of just sitting the pilots announced that we would now be pushing back and would be departing late, but should make up the time in the air.

We joined the heathrow que to take off and waited a little bit before making our turn onto the runway. It was a really nice sunny day in England today with some scattered clouds which would make for a nice smooth take off.



Just after we passed the cloud’s I snapped a picture of the view.

About 20 minutes after take off I was given another glass of champagne which I very happily excepted, and handed a dinner menu to look over. I had a good look at the menu.












I decided that today I would give the Chicken a try as I had gone with the steak option on the way over to England on Virgin Atlantic, which was very enjoyable.

Our flight path today was taking us west over Ireland, Up to Iceland and then down over Canada.



As we started passing over Ireland Lunch service began and I was brought out a hot towel and my table was laid.
I also noticed at this point that I did not have an amenity Kit and asked the cabin crew for one, which they happily did.





First up on the Lunch menu today, Some warm nuts with another glass of champagne.



First course today would be smoked salmon, a side of garlic bread and a salad.
The food looked good, but the presentation was a bit dull and it seemed as if United just wanted to dump the plates on your table in a rush to get through the cabin.



The food did taste really good and I was able to enjoy everything that was handed to me for my starter, Bravo to united for putting up a really decent started course.

Next up was my main, which to be honest did not look appetising at all.


Was this really Chicken ? I did like the laughable vegetables that came with it, One half of a carrot sliced in half for effect and three lumps of broccoli and the dismal amount of sauce that was over the chicken.

The chicken was incredibly dry and that lack of sauce did not help. I did however eat the potatoes that came with it but left most of the chicken as it was very chewy.

I had to drink some more champagne to take the taste away, up next it was time for the cheese plate.


It was your average cheese selection and nothing amazing.

I will point out that apart from the food being a bit hit and miss, the service on our flight had been amazing, our flight attendant was incredible and never let my champagne glass get empty during the entire flight. She kept pouring and I just kept on drinking it.

Next up it was time for the American Carrier famous desert.


The famous build your own Ice cream sundae. It was pretty good, my only slight problem was the Ice cream was rock solid, So I had to wait a little bit for it to get softer. I guess this is because they need to keep the ice cream really cold during the flight, which makes sense, I would rather wait than have really soft mushy ice cream.

I finished off my Sundae and then decided to relax and watch some movies. I ended up watching the Lego movie, which was “awesome”.

About 4 hours into the flight I noticed on the moving map that we were flying over Greenland.


I only noticed this because outside I could still see a lot of the snow and ice cracking and it made for some pretty great photos.



We continued on a nice smooth ride across the Atlantic and started to pass down over Canada before entering US airspace.
We crossed over the Atlantic at a fairly lowish altitude of 32,000 FT and then jumped up to 36,000 FT before entering Canadian airspace.


During out last two hours of the flight we cruised up to 38,000 FT and for the last hour we ended up at 39,000 FT.

Upon entering the last two hours of the flight, breakfast service started.
I guess what I mean by that, is the United flight attendants just came out from nowhere and slapped down half of a burrito in front of me with a small of amount of fresh fruit and some lily o Brian’s Chocolates.

The burrito was pretty disgusting and I only managed a few bites of it before putting it down, a really disappointing breakfast after such a long flight, but it was the middle of the afternoon, so i’m not sure what this meal would be classed as.


We then started our decent into LAX airport and flew out over the ocean and made a left hand turn and passed LAX airport on our approach. I was able to get a pretty good picture of the old town that used to be at the end of LAX until the 60’s. Once the jet age came in the town was bought by the airport and everyone moved. All you can see now is the old roads the houses used to sit on.



Our touch down into LAX was nice and smooth and we taxied to the gate fairly quickly.
It had been a really enjoyable flight with some highs and lows in the food department.

The cost of this flight usually is between $4000 – $6000 one way.
For my ticket today I used 50,000 United miles and paid $43 in taxes.


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