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Travel blogger, points collector and trip planner. I travel the world for fun and give advice on how to travel. 70+ countries so far...... I love to travel, write and take pictures of everything. I'm here to share my stories from my travels around the world and i hope to give you a great insight to the destinations and the joy of travel. I've worked on building some of the best travel advice out there, i'm not here to save you money, I'm here to let you know all the great things you can when you arrive. One of the best parts of the journey for me is getting there, i hope my flight guides give you a great look into each airline around the world and the service they can offer.

How to travel to New York for FREE !

That’s right, You can travel to New York for free within the United States if you are willing to work on it, fancy flying first class ? Want to stay in nice hotel. Well this is just a simple way of explaining how I did this.

This article does relate to collecting air miles and hotel points, but I decided to write it to highlight how great using points can be.

My recent trip to New York Cost me just $12 and the value of the trip at the time of purchase would have been over $4000.

First off I needed to get the flights sorted out, I wanted to try out American Airlines new Airbus A321 transcon plane and enjoy my weekend trip.

At the time I booked the trip if I wanted to buy the flights I had in mind, this is what they would have cost me.


In order to pass on spending a small fortune I decided to use some American Airline Miles. I was able to book the flights with just 57,500 AAdvantage Miles and pay just $5.60 each way in taxes for the flights. A lot of people would argue that spending AA miles on domestic flights is not worth it at all and I could have used them for a better redemption, but I have so many I needed to cash in some and enjoy my transcon experience.


I needed to find a hotel near LAX airport as I would be driving up from San Diego the night before.
I used just 25,000 IHG points and booked the crowne plaza which is very close to LAX.

Crown Plaza LAX



Finding a hotel in new york is always a fun one. Point redemptions are normally really high and the average stay of a hotel per night for points ranges between 10,000 – 50,000 points per night and obviously that depends on the points your redeeming.

I had some choice hotel points that would be expiring at the end of this year (2015). When checking reservations for my dates I noticed that typically Choice hotels in new york had reward redemption’s starting at 20,000 points per night and maxing out at 30,000 depending on the property.


If I booked the hotel at the advanced purchase rate it was showing up at 655.10 for the weekend stay including taxes.
I must have got really lucky this time around or this might have been a special promo from choice as I ended up booking the hotel for just 10,000 points per night.

Now this property has a rate of 20,000 points per night, which is still great considering. I’m sure over time this one will jump up to 30,000 points just like the others they have.


To sum this up then for my free stay I used the following points

57,500 AAdvantage Miles V $3279.20 USD
25,000 IHG Points V $205.00 USD
20,000 Choice Hotel Points V $655.10 USD

It really is just that easy to enjoy a free trip and enjoy it along the way. All of the above points can be obtained by applying for the following credit cards.

American Miles

Citi Bank AA credit cards
AMEX SPG Credit Card (points can transfer to AA)


Chase IHG Credit Card

Choice Hotels

Barclaycard Choice Hotels Credit Card

I will be doing both trip reports for my flights on American Airlines.


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