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American Airlines First Class San Diego to New York Trip Report – Boeing 737-800 – AA94

3rd October 2015
American Airlines Flight 94
Depart : San Diego (SAN)
Arrive : New York (JFK)
Departure time : 7:45am (Actual 7:51am)
Arrival Time : 3:49pm (Actual 3:46pm)
Boeing 737-700
Seat : 3A
Flight Time 4h 55m
Meal Service : Breakfast

Full Video Trip Report

I arrived at the airport around 6.15AM for my flight and it was still dark outside. I had printed my boarding pass the night before and knew that boarding would be from 7.15AM. This gave me about an hour to get through security and have a small bit of time to relax before getting on the plane.

I skipped check in as I was not taking any bags and proceeded straight to security, normally at this time of the morning in San Diego the security lines can be fairly long, but on a Saturday it was a breeze, it took me about five minutes to make it through the security line and onto the other side.

The main purpose of my flight on American was to position me into JFK to allow me to take the Jetblue Mint business class flight back, I wanted to spend more time on the Jetblue flight and the flying time is normally around six hours when flying from east to west.

My flight today on American would have cost me $557.60 if I had purchases it a month out, which is a really good deal for a non-stop flight cross-country in first, a lot cheaper than flying the premium transcontinental route from LAX. I had a credit on American I needed to use up and this was the perfect place to use it before it expired. american_airlines_first_class_domestic4


As I waiting around the sun start to rise outside. American does not have a first class lounge at San Diego airport, what they have done is turned the old AA lounge into an Air Space lounge. This is a lounge open to anyone who wants to pay a fee to get in. I asked if I was allowed in the lounge being in first class but was informed only passengers flying business class on British Airways or Japan Airlines had free access to the airspace lounge. I decided to just walk around the airport as I only had thirty minutes until boarding.



There is some interesting artwork on the walls of terminal two explaining the history of San Diego.


I checked my flight again and it was running on time.

Boarding was called right at 7.15AM and everyone jumped up and rushed towards the front of the line and the gate agents had to make another announcements to ask everyone to sit back down until their boarding group was called as this was for first class passengers only.

I boarded the plane and was greeted with a partial smile and a brief hello, but no welcome aboard or anything like that. I made my way to my seat and settled in. I had seat 3A today.


Sadly this was just the regular recliner seat with more width and pitch, nothing that exciting , but I was happy that the seat next to me was free during the boarding process.



The door was closed and I still had an empty seat next to me, when at the last-minute an Executive plat was given a last-minute on board upgrade into 3B. The guy that sat next to me was awesome and a real good seat companion for the entire five-hour trip, we talked miles and points and all things airline related almost the entire way.


Our captain came on the PA system and announced we would be having an on time departure and that the cross-country flight today might be a little rough because of the jet stream over the states on that day.

I was then given a blanket for the flight


We taxied quickly and take off was nice and smooth. About twenty minutes into our flight the breakfast service began and the weather was nice and smooth at this point.

To start I was given the classic hot towel to refresh with,


I had pre ordered my breakfast online and had selected the Quiche, which consisted of Spinach and peppers.


The food was average and nothing exceptional, though that is what I have come to expect from domestic flights.
I washed it down with some terrible airplane coffee.


After breakfast our tray tables were cleared and we settled in for the next four hours of the flight, the weather outside was clear and the flight was nice and smooth.


This being one of the older Boeing 737-800’s in Americans fleet there was no IFE built into the aircraft. First class passengers were offered pre loaded Samsung tablets with Bose noise cancelling headphones to use during the flight.



The entertainment loaded onto the tablet was fairly recent, I just ended up listening to some music as I rarely watch movies on planes as I feel I can never really get into it with everything going on.

About two hours into the flight somewhere near Denver the weather started to get a bit choppy, I decided to have a glass of red wine to relax with.


The flight for the next two hours was fairly bumpy with clear skies outside and the seat belt sign remained on, this was obviously turbulence coming from the jet stream across the states as the weather was great outside.

I delved into the Snack box midway and ended up with these coconut cookies


Soon enough we began to come down from the clear blue sky and make our way down to JFK airport. The weather was overcast and a bit raining and we passed by sea bright beach on our way in.


Touchdown into JFK was fairly smooth and we taxied our way to the gate passing a few interesting aircraft I really don’t see that much of on the west coast.


We then passed the aircraft that I would be flying back on the next day


It had been a fairly uneventful flight with average service and average food, but it still beats sitting in coach, I was really looking forward to my flight back the next day on Jetblue Mint


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