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Jetblue MINT Business Class New York to Los Angeles – Airbus 321 – B623

4th October 2015
Jetblue Flight 23
Depart : New York (JFK)
Arrive : Los Angeles (LAX)
Departure time : 7:00am (Actual 7:30am)
Arrival Time : 9:08am (Actual 9:47am)
Airbus A321 W/Mint Cabin
Seat : 2A (Suite)
Flight Time 5h 16m
Meal Service : Breakfast

Full Video Trip Report

After flying in from San Diego the previous day I had a quick 11 hours to spend in New York before flying out again, I decided it was better to just relax in my hotel room for the night as my car was scheduled to pick me up at 4:15 AM sharp, which gave me very little time for sleep.

I awoke at 3.30 AM and got ready as quickly as I could and made my way downstairs to the hotel lobby and the hotel staff informed me that my car was waiting for me outside, they presumed it was for me as I was the only person awake in the hotel at 4AM on a Sunday morning.

My drive time this early hour in the morning from 52nd street to JFK airport at this time of the morning was around 30 minutes and the service provided from CLS was fantastic.

I arrived to JetBlue’s terminal 5 around 5AM to a swarm of people everywhere. I was in complete shock at how many people were checking in at this hour of the morning, does every JetBlue flight leave JFK between 6 – 7 AM ?.


It took me a short amount of time to find the JetBlue MINT line, but that really did me no favors and I found myself stuck in the long TSA line’s which are fairly normal at JFK for any terminal.

I passed through security and made it to the other side around 5.45 AM. I then took a walk around terminal 5 and checked it out a bit, a lot of things were already open even with it being very early.

I started walking towards my gate which was located at the very end of the terminal , On my way to my gate I passed by the recently opened JetBlue roof top.

Despite the time it was open and I checked it out




It was freezing outside at the time, but when summertime rolls around this will be great. Not only is the space outside with great places to chill out this will also really come in handy for anyone travelling with a pet as there is a pet relief area located outside and you won’t have to go and clear security again to help your pet out.
I wish I had more time to enjoy the roof top on this visit, but I had a flight to catch.


Boarding for the flight was called at 6.30 AM , I did notice a fellow passenger holding up the gate agents as he spoke with them for some time, I had a feeling he was bargaining with them for some sort of last-minute paid JetBlue upgrade into the Mint cabin, which was made fairly certain when he handed over his credit card and had a big smile on his face.

I was greeted by Trevor when I boarded the aircraft and he wished me a “good morning”, I turned and could see my fantastic JetBlue Mint Suite waiting for me. I would be sitting in 2 A, which is one of the four Suites on board the Airbus A321.


The seat itself was leather and comfortable and I already had a blanket and eye shades waiting for me at my seat. I settled in and started to explore my seat before other passengers started to board.

The seat is a full flat-bed and comes in with one of the longest length domestic flat beds in the sky, it lays flat around 6ft 8.
The seat also comes with all the other much-needed flying items in today’s market.

15 ” Tv Screen
Air Cushions
Massage Function
Enclosed Suite (Suites only)

I also had plenty of power points located around my seat



The JetBlue mint suite can be booked with points or if booked in advance can be snagged for the amazing price of $599 one way, that is almost half the price compared to United, Delta & American on this route.

The only thing I did not like about my seat is that when lying fully flat your feet slide into a little box which allows for very little movement when trying to sleep.


I sat around waiting for the coach passengers to board and suddenly got a tap on the shoulder, I looked up and it was another passenger asking if they could have my blanket as they did not get one in coach, without trying to sound rude, I informed them I would be going to sleep once we took off.

Trevor then approached me and asked if I wanted to try the JetBlue signature cocktail, sure I said, why not.
He asked if I wanted it with or without Vodka, At 6.30 it was even a little early for me.


Sorry about the bad light, the drink was most refreshing and went down well.



 I then checked out the menu before departure and made some mental notes on what I wanted.

We pushed back around 7.10 AM, I caught a good glimpse of the departure JetBlue flights,


Our Taxi to the runway was long and there was a large take off Que as this seemed like peak time for departures


 We finally made our turn onto the runway


Take off was quick, but fairly gusty with lots of wind coming from the closing in storm that was hitting the east coast.

But once above the clouds the ride started to smooth out


About thirty minutes after departure the crew started breakfast service and at this point I was starving.

I was first given the classic warm towel


I then had a Cranberry juice which was served with a starter of mixed berries with creme fraiche


When flying JetBlue Mint you can choose 3 out of the 5 options to enjoy and it gives you the chance to sample a few of the dishes.

Today I decided to try,

Asian pear salad
Chicken sausage waffles
Monte Cristo (french toast)


I must admit both the french toast and waffle were a little bit dry and I was not that impressed with them, but I really enjoyed the pair salad.

I followed up my breakfast with some Sorbet from Blue marble.


I really enjoyed the fact that the meal service is different from other airlines and the choice allows you to customize what you are in the mood for, this seems much better than the traditional airline options where you can only pick one item and are then stuck with it.


I then took a quick look around the Mint Cabin, I did notice the guy who held up the gate agents sitting at the front of the cabin.


At the back of the mint cabin is a small area where you have your choice of snacks and drinks you can pick from, though I did forget to take a photo of it.

After my quick walk around I decided to test out the flatbed and try to get some sleep


This is the part where you legs slot into the seat in front of you making it a bit tricky to get comfortable




I jumped into bed and closed the door on my Suite and tried to get some sleep, about 30 minutes into my slumber I was awoken with turbulence, it was almost the same type of turbulence that I had on my flight over, clear blue skies outside, but a rather bumpy ride across the jet stream.

I tried to sleep, but the constant bouncing around kept me away, with about an hour and a half left until arrival I put my seat back into the upright position and decided to sample some of JetBlue’s complimentary snacks and coffee.

I do love that fact that most of the A321’s have an espresso machine, the coffee taste’s so much better than regular airplane coffee.
I took my espresso with the cheese plate



Soon after I waited around for my birch box that JetBlue shows off on its website being part of the Mint package, but it never came. I had been talking with the flight attendants a lot during the flight and went to ask them if they would be giving them out, they informed me that the wrong number of birch boxes had been loaded and only had 5 and would hand them out on request, at this point they gave me one.





It had some decent items in it, shaving cream, face wash, hand cream, shower gel and hair wax

I then sampled the final food option from JetBlue, a rather dull brownie in a box, it was not the taste sensation they had promised on the menu, but rather dry.


We then started our approach into LAX on a rather cloud and rainy day


We touched down smoothly and taxied quickly to our gate and before I knew it we had arrived.
For a six-hour flight the time had passed incredible quickly and I really enjoyed the seat and the crew had been great during the flight, much more lively that most airline crew’s I have spoken to in the last year.

For a domestic flight of this duration I don’t think JetBlue can be beaten on price and quality of service, I would definitely recommend this to my friends if they are looking for business class options across the country.


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