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American Airlines New First Class Miami To Dallas Ft Worth – Boeing 767-300

8st December 2015
American Airlines Flight 2427
Depart : Miami (MIA)
Arrive : Dallas Ft Worth (DFW)
Departure time : 4:45pm (Actual 4:59pm)
Arrival Time : 7:04pm (Actual 6:41pm)
Boeing 767-300
Seat : 8A
Flight Time 2h 42m
Meal Service : Dinner

We had just flown into Miami from Lima and had our first connection to making our way back to Los Angeles.

We had about 1 hour and 30 minutes to make our connection and quickly picked up our bags and rechecked them.


We then found our gate and had to take the mono rail to the D terminal



We had been booked on a 767-300 the entire time for about 2 months and at the last-minute the cabin was changed from the old style business class lay out to the newer 767 cabin.


Boarding was called on time, even though there was a fair amount of storms in the area at the time

Upon boarding the aircraft I was really impressed with the cabin when we walked in, the layout is 1 – 2 – 1 and is great for a domestic first class cabin.

I was in seat 8A and had direct aisle and window access



The seat has good storage options and lots of places to put my phone and travel documents.


The only downside is that the entertainment is located on TV screens located in the aisle, I’m not sure if you get an Ipad or anything when flying this international.


Take off was pretty much on time and we took off into the cloudy / rainy skies above and did some good cloud maneuvering during our climb out


After a short time we made it to wonderful clear blue skies


Before dinner service began, I tested out the seat in the flat-bed position


It was pretty comfortable and had a nice length to the bed and it felt private.

The dinner service then started and the cabin crew had not completed a service in the new cabin before and really had to idea how to get the tray tables out or where any of the storage or headphone jacks were located.

We started with the warm nuts



The evening skies were perfect and smooth and it would be a comfortable ride for dinner


Tonight’s dinner was a fillet of beer with lobster mac & cheese served with a side salad and bread role. This was probably the first time in a long time where the steak was cooked medium and tasted good, the lobster mac and cheese was also delicious and i did eat the entire meal and really enjoyed it, I discussed the food with the crew and they said it was a new option American had been testing out on shorter domestic flights.



After dinner a warm cooking was served,


After dinner i enjoyed watching the sunset from my seat and just relaxed for the rest of the flight as we only had about 55 minutes remaining.


We made our smooth approach into clear skies over DFW and touched down


The only snag was our gate was occupied by a plane that had broken down and we had to wait 40 minutes until we could be taken to our gate once the plane had been removed.

Overall a very nice short domestic flight, a much better seat than regular domestic flights and on a large plane which I always prefer.


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