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British Airways Club World Los Angeles to London Trip Report – Airbus A380-800

12th December 2015
British Airways Flight 268
Depart : Los Angeles (LAX)
Arrive : London (LHR)
Departure time : 8:55pm (Actual 9:11pm)
Arrival Time : 2:44pm (Actual 2:54pm)
Airbus A380-800
Seat : 10A
Flight Time 9h 42m
Meal Service : Dinner & Breakfast

I had made this booking during the BA sale where they offered round trip tickets to europe in business class for $2000, I then used the AARP discount and a certain amount of BA Miles to bring the cost down to just $800 per person.

From taking this trip and crediting the miles to AA, we would each earn just over 42,000 miles for flying LAX – LHR – JFK, a great way to collect some extra miles.

We arrived at LAX tom Bradley terminal about 3 hours before our flight was ready to depart and proceeded to the check in line, we must have been the first there as all the lines were clear


Check in was very quick and we then proceeded to the security line, with a fast track pass it took around 10 minutes in total to clear the security line, which was pretty speedy for the time of year.

Tom Bradley has had some major upgrades recently and it is really nice to finally be in a terminal you want to spend some time in.


We then proceeded upstairs to the LAX business class lounge which is shared with Qantas and Cathay Pacific.


The lounge was pretty big and had a lot of space, the atmosphere in the lounge was nice, and we departed a bit earlier than the later flights to Australia which made the lounge only about 25 % full the time we were there.

I took a look around the lounge before finding somewhere to sit






After finding somewhere to sit, I grabbed some food and a glass of champagne, the food selection was pretty good , if you compare it to the business class lounge at LHR.




I decided to try the butter chicken, and it tasted good, despite how it looked


After some good time in the lounge and a few glasses of champagne and wine, it was time to board, we went downstairs to our gate. The gate we were leaving from today was about a 1 minute walk, out from the lounge, down the escalator and we had reached the gate.



Boarding was called right on time, with first class passengers , followed by our club world section


This was my first time flying on the British Airways A380 and the first thing I noticed was how large the cabin was, it was much bigger than any 747 cabin I had ever been in, I settled into my seat and snapped some pictures.


I noticed how far away the window seat was from the window due the to curve of the airframe, I also noticed the large windows, though they are deceptive as the inside window is large, but the outer window is the usual size


The one thing I do like about the A380 is that it does have the new entertainment system installed and the screen is a lot more clear and the media content is overall an improvement.



I then checked out the amenity kit and it was nothing special.



Boarding was then completed and we pushed back and taxied to the runway.
It was a clear night in Los Angeles and after the massive take off roll we took towards the friendly skies with a smooth take off


Shortly after take off the crew came by to offer us another drink, I had already had a pre departure glass of champagne, so i figured a 7th glass would make the trip a bit more fun


The dinner service then began,
To start I had the smoked Salmon crepe with chive cream cheese


And for my main I went for the Five cheese Ravioli, which was pretty good, but got fairly dry as I worked my way through it


And I finished dinner with the cherry and almond slice,


I then decided to relax and try and get some sleep for a few hours


I honestly can’t really sleep on planes and just kept my eye on the moving map as we crossed over the states and onward,


Soon, sometime over Iceland, about 6 hours into the flight, the sun started to rise and I watched it from my window for a bit



I then closed my window shade to not disturb anyone in the cabin.
With about one hour and thirty minutes remaining in the flight, the cabin lights started to come on and I opened my window shade and the breakfast service began

Breakfast was ok, I mean the food tasted fairly good, but it was really the attitude of the cabin crew that I find always puts a damper on breakfast, I get the feeling they find it more of an inconvenience to them and that it gets in the way of them being able to clean up the plane quickly and get back to their seats.




We then started our approach into England and the cabin crew had been instructed that we had to circle for about 25 minutes and there was no rush.
About 1 minute after that announcement by the captain, he came back on and said we had been priority cleared and we would be landing in less than 10 minutes.

The crew went into over drive and tried to clean the cabin as quickly as possible, they must have been working and cleaning until we touched down

We touched down nice and smooth and the whale of sky had been a very smooth ride


We then cleared customs and went to the Sofitel at terminal 5 to get some sleep before heading to Bristol the next morning.


Overall it had been a great flight, The A380 is so smooth in turbulence that it will definitely be my future choice when flying long haul , I can understand from a passenger point of view that it is a great plane, but I can see that airlines won’t like them and would want to pack more passengers into them


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