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British Airways First Class London to Los Angeles Trip Report – Boeing 777-300ER

7th February 2016
British Airways 283
Depart : London (LHR)
Arrive : Los Angeles (LAX)
Departure time : 10:25am (Actual 10:55am)
Arrival Time : 1:25pm (Actual 1:12pm)
Boeing 777-300
Seat : 1A
Flight Time 10h 17m
Meal Service : Lunch, Early Dinner
Aircraft : G-STBJ (Delivered March 2014)

Today I would be flying British Airways first class, it was a last-minute booking, but the usual price of this ticket one way is anywhere between $12,000 – $14,000 one way

I had spent the night before at the Hilton Garden Inn, I woke up very early at about 3.30AM and decided that I would head to the airport, the hotel has great transit links to the airport, some are 24 hours and others start around 5am, so you can always take advantage of it.


I walked from the hotel to Hatton cross tube station which is just a short 5 minute walk away, the tube from Hatton cross station gets you to Terminal 5 in under 10 minutes and costs just 1.50, a great deal



It was empty at the station and a bit creepy.

 The train turned up in the next 10 minutes and I was on my way to terminal 5, it was a very quick tube ride and I was there before I knew it.


It was very early so Terminal 5 was fairly empty which made for a nice change, for the dedicated first class check in you have to walk all the way to the end of terminal 5



Check in was very quick and efficient, I was not checking any bags for this trip so it was nice and easy, I was then instructed to use the South terminal security area and would be able to take advantage of the fast pass line.

There was no more than a two-minute wait at the security area, so the fast track was pretty pointless at that time of the morning, once I passed through security I went straight into the Concorde lounge which is immediately to your right once you pass through the security area.

 The first thing I decided to do once in the lounge was have a sit down breakfast, I did this before I even looked around, it was pretty empty at this point so I knew the service would be quick.




First I stared with a few cups of coffee and then decided to give the eggs Benedict a try.



The breakfast was fairly standard and nothing amazing, but it was very nice to be able to sit down in a private area and enjoy breakfast, the space is large enough to enjoy the breakfast with maybe three to four people.
I then took a look around the lounge.


The lounge is separated into two areas, you have the inside seating area with the bar and then also in there is the Spa and private cabana’s and then you have my favorite area of the lounge, the outside (but really inside) terrace lounge that looks down onto Terminal 5




I took my seat at a table and waited for the sun to rise.


I then decided that I would head to the gate, but on my way out I decided that I would stop for my first class of champagne for the day


I also took a look at the wine selection they had and I was impressed with some good wines on offer


I decided to take the transit train today, I decided I was feeling too lazy to take the twenty-minute walkway located the next floor down, though that would have been a lot more relaxing.




It was pretty busy when I arrived at the gate, people had already started lining up and waiting to board, There was only about ten minutes until boarding would commence, So I decided to stand and wait with everyone, as it looked like most of these people were flying Club World today.

I took a quick picture of our aircraft before I boarded
Today we would by flying G-STBJ which had been delivered to British Airways in March 2014 and was just under two years old


Boarding was called a few minutes past schedule and the rush of First, Business class and Gold and Silver card holders plowed into the narrow boarding lane, I really don’t understand why they don’t board the groups separately, it would be just as quick.

It was fairly quick progress along the jet bridge and I was able to board through the first class bridge, which is for first class passengers only, this is really nice and once you are on board, there is no one walking through the cabin whilst you try to settle in and relax.

I was greeted with a warm welcome and I was thanked for flying with British Airways and being a valued member of the Executive club, which I think is a great touch to have.

I was escorted to my seat and was thrilled to be sitting in seat 1A for this eleven hour flight.


I was the First passenger in the cabin today and had a bit of time to take some pictures of the cabin



The first class cabin features fourteen seats with four on each side as window and aisle seats and three rows of double seats located in the center for the cabin, which are great if you are travelling as a couple.

About two minutes after I had boarded the aircraft my wonderful flight attendant came around to offer me a pre departure drink, I selected the champagne and a glass of water to start things off.


I then took a look around my seat




I found the seat very comfortable and spacious and as the plane was fairly new the seat and surrounding area were in very good condition.

After two glasses of champagne was started to push back a little bit behind schedule




The taxi time from Terminal five to the departure runway was only about ten minutes and it looks like we had been given priority over a few planes in line and we soon departed.

It had been a fairly windy morning as the remains of storm Imogen was starting to come into the UK, take off was fairly normal just with a few more bumps than normal and that bounced us around for a short period.

Before I knew if we had reached a steady cruising altitude



The seat has all the standard features and includes 2 USB ports next to you which are handy for charging devices, there is also a universal power point on the floor area near your feet to plug-in a laptop, Also within reach is a private wardrobe you can use to hand up your jacket, which is nice as you can also put other items in there to free up space




As we cruised out and over the UK I decided to switch champagnes and started on the Rose

Lunch service then began and started with warm nuts


Here was the menu on today’s flight








 My dinner table was then setup for dining


To kick things off there was an Amuse Bouche, which was a fig and some sauce that I can’t remember


I then started with the Butternut squash soup which was fantastic


For my main I went with the Pork & Sausage option with bubble and squeak, it was a very heavy and filling option and eating the entire meal was a challenge and it really made me full


After eating the main meal I was so stuffed that I decided to wait a while before ordering desert, I waited about forty-five minutes and then ask for the Ice cream option on the Menu, Unfortunately I had waited too long and the ice cream was all gone, the cabin crew did offer me to have some of the Ice cream from the club world cabin, which I was more than happy to take, they gave me both the Vanilla and Salted Carmel option to try.


After all that food I decided to check out the First amenity kit to see what it had to offer, the actual bag that it comes in is far more impressive than the club world amenity kit which reminds me of a cheap bag you put your sports kit in, this one was much better.


The kit included pretty much everything you would need on a flight. It included Socks, Eye mask, ear plugs, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, pen, deodorant, lip balm, shaving gel, moisturizer, and eye cream.



I then decided to relax and watch a movie for a while and try to get some sleep



I went and changed into my pajamas and came back to find my bed had been made up, the mattress pad was comfortable and I enjoyed the extra pillows





During my nap, I decided to find the snack bar and grabbed a few unhealthy things to eat whilst watching my movie


I also decided to give the cheese plate a try, the cheese selection was good and I really enjoyed it


I then fell asleep for a short period of time, well I pretty much passed out after being awake for a long time and just dozed off.

I awoke to a rocking cabin and pulled up the moving map to see that we were somewhere over yellow stone national park, the area was fairly mountainous and we were being effected by clear air turbulence as it was clear blue skies outside.

 I did listen to the ATC from Salt lake city after we had arrived and found in the recording that both our flight Speedbird 283 and Air France 60 both contacted SLC ATC a few times to request altitude changes due to rough weather, each aircraft reported moderate turbulence, we then dropped down from 36,000 FT and leveled off at 32,000FT where the ride was much smoother, the only unfortunate part was that it took about 50 minutes to find this level and we had a pretty bouncy ride during this time.

This did delay the second food service and no hot drinks could be served during this time. Once we found smooth air again, the second dinner service began


I was tempted to give the burger and fries a try, but I was so full still from everything I had eaten, I just went with the sandwiches


There was a fantastic view out of the window of the mountains as we passed over the salt lake city area,



We then crossed down and flew around Las Vegas, and started our approach into LAX


It was a wonderful sunny day in Los Angeles and we touched down and taxied to the gate.


Overall I had really enjoyed the flight today with British Airways and my two flight attendants were absolutely fantastic and friendly and really impressed me with their customer service skills. I enjoyed the first class seat and it was a much better hard product than I had expected it to be.


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