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American Airlines Business Class Los Angeles to London Trip Report – Boeing 777-300ER

26th March 2016
American Airlines Flight 136
Depart : Los Angeles (LAX)
Arrive : London (LHR)
Departure time : 7:45pm (Actual 7:58pm)
Arrival Time : 2:20pm (Actual 1:55pm)
Boeing 777-300ER
Seat : 8J
Flight Time 9h 56m
Meal Service : Dinner & Breakfast

After enjoying Virgin Atlantic on the way out, it was now time for some US hospitality for my return flight back to the UK

I had picked American’s flight from LAX mainly because I had wanted to try out the reverse herringbone seat they had installed on the Boeing 777-300ER.

 I arrived on an American Eagle flight into the remote terminal 4 gate. I then had to take a shuttle bus from the remote gate to the main terminal 4.

American has been making some big changes at LAX recently and the flight to London sometimes departs from terminal 4 and sometimes from Tom Bradley, today my connecting flight was at Tom Bradley.

Up until very recently at LAX, I would have had a number of hoops to jump through in order to make my connecting flight, I would have definitely missed my flight as we arrived late. Normally I would have to make my way out of Terminal 4 and then either walk or take a shuttle to Tom Bradley International terminal and then clear security again before finding my gate.

But thankfully, and only as of March 2016, LAX airport has finally completed the Sky bridge walkway between Terminal 4 and Tom Bradley. This means no more leaving one terminal and going through security again, it was just a straight walk from one terminal to the next. This was a fantastic feature as this gave me enough time to definitely make my connection and grab a glass of champagne in the lounge before my flight.



I checked the departure board in the lounge and my flight was running on time, I took another quick tour of the lounge before leaving to see if anything had changed, but it was exactly the same from my visit in December 2015.

I arrived at gate 154 which is about a ten minute walk from the one world business class lounge and took a quick photo of the Boeing 777-300ER that would be taking me across the Atlantic tonight.


My flight was boarding and I joined the line


I was greeted with a smile as I walked on and was informed to cross over and turn right to find my seat.
I passed through the First class cabin, and then into the Business cabin, as did every other passenger on the flight.

I found my seat 8J and settled in


Instantly when I sat down one of the super friendly crew members came by and asked me what I would like to drink before we took off, I selected the champagne (Sparkling Wine on AA)


Sadly it was still served in a plastic glass, oh well better than nothing at all

The seat itself offered great space and had a good-sized tray table and desk area to the right of it and a compartment to put items during the flight below and next to the window



I was then offered a newspaper before departure


I then took a quick look over the menu to see what I had in store to choose from during the flight, I only took a photo of the first page from the Menu.


We then had a very short taxi to the runway, so short in face that I though we were waiting to cross a runway and taxi a bit more, when all of a sudden we started our take off roll and took off into the sky.

After take off we turned left and banked around until we started to fly back over Los Angeles, it does give some great views when flying at night





I then checked out my pillow and blanket, the pillow was nice and fluffy


 It was a great night for flying with clear and calm skies over most of the states and with great views, we reached our initial cruising altitude 31,000 FT and dinner service then started.


I was first given a hot towel


and my tray table was setup for dinner (it was dark in cabin so sorry about the picture)


To start off with I was given the usual warm nut mix, which went down great with more Champagne


The starter today was Thai Chicken with pineapple and watermelon, it was definitely an interesting combination of flavors.



Between the starter and the main course I powered up my laptop and logged onto American’s WIFI service. The cost for the flight was very reasonable at just $19 for the entire flight.

Sign up was quick and easy and before I knew it I was loading up the flight aware website to watch our flight.


The air had been incredible smooth so far and I like watching flight aware to see if there will be adverse weather ahead.
After finishing my starter my table was cleared for my main.


I had pre ordered my main course in advance online as the option was fairly limited and I really did not want the fish option or the mushroom.

I know that ordering the steak on any flight can be risky, normally its over cooked and chewy and not that great.

But today I would meet the opposite end of the spectrum, the steak came out looking great, I cut into it and it was nice and pink, but after my first bite I discovered that it was ICE COLD !

The crew came back to ask me about my meal and I informed them and they were very apologetic about it all and said they had been having trouble with the ovens during the flight and would take my steak to another oven if that was ok with me.


Sure, I have no problem with that, so they took it away and about ten minutes later came back to me with a lovely medium cooked steak, served with truffle mac and cheese.

The crew then asked me what I wanted for dessert and I asked if I could wait about thirty minutes to digest, which they said was fine. After about thirty minutes they came around and without me asking, just gave me both of the options, to my delight.


Just after dinner our altitude went up a little and we found smooth air at 33,000 FT



I was full at this point and decided to check out my amenity kit. Since the start of 2016 American airlines has changed the kit to a newer more improved Cole Haan kit for International Business class flights.



Once again I was surprised how smooth the flight had been, it was so clear outside you could watch the cities pass by as we cruised along.


I then decided to take a walk around the plane, I had forgotten how long the 777-300ER was and its a good old walk from Business class to the back of the plane.
I took a bit of time and chatted with the crew working at the back.



 I then went back to the Business class cabin and checked out the in flight snack area.
This is a snack area setup during the flight after dinner where passengers from First & Business class can mingle and have some food, don’t get me wrong, it’s no Emirates bar, but it’s still good.


After enjoying a few snacks, I decided to try and get some sleep. Even though it was some of the smoothest flying I have ever had on an eleven hour flight, I can never sleep when in motion, that goes for Planes, Cars, Trains, Ferries. You will always see me wide awake

I made up the bed to just relax in it for a while and rest my eyes



I love the privacy of the seat for sleeping in, all it needs now is a small door and it would be fantastic.

After relaxing and not sleeping for a while I noticed the sun was starting to rise outside, that started to wake me up, So I took a quick trip to the bathroom to clean my teeth.


I then returned to my seat to watch us crossing the Atlantic. It’s great to see all the other aircraft crossing with you at the same time.



A few more hours past and soon it was time for Breakfast.


Sadly today’s breakfast was the dreaded super DRY Strata served with the hard and crunchy potatoes, and the dry biscuit, I mean it really would be much better if American gave the breakfast with some sort of sauce, a tiny packet of ketchup perhaps, that would really help with how dry this dish is. It’s the same dish they serve on Domestic flights in First Class.


After making my way through the breakfast with large amounts of coffee to keep my from drying up the crew came around with fast track passes for immigration at Heathrow. Though to my delight, when I did arrive at immigration, there was no one in any of the lines, So I never used it.


As we approached London Heathrow we were treated to some great views on central London, if you want to see this, make sure you sit on the right side.



We made a smooth touch down and we had a short taxi to our gate. The crew on the flight has been fantastic and had all been with American airlines for some time. This was also one of the smoothest Atlantic crossings I have ever had, hardly a bump the entire way. Even though I did not sleep I would definitely rank American’s reverse herringbone seat the best for making this trip compared to Virgin Atlantic, Air New Zealand, British Airways and United.


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