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United Airlines Business Class New York to London Trip Report – Boeing 767-400ER

1st May 2016
United Airlines Flight 934
Depart : New York (Newark) (EWR)
Arrive : London (LHR)
Departure time : 8:30am (Actual 8:57am)
Arrival Time : 8:50am (Actual 7:57am)
Boeing 767-400ER
Registration : N77066
Delivered : 31st May 2002 (13.9 Years old)

Seat : 2A
Flight Time 6h 27m
Meal Service : Lunch

I arrived at Newark airport at 6.00AM and had arranged United Signature Service to Meet me outside at the departure terminal


As soon as it hit 6.00AM I received a phone call letting me know they were waiting for me, they had already checked me in and printed my boarding pass



The United Signature service is a great way to have a private discreet transfer through the airport from the moment you arrive, right until you board your flight.

After have a chat, we went over to security and I was escorted to the front of the line and cleared security in a matter of minutes, which is fantastic considering the lines at Newark airport.

I guess you could say I could have arrived much later and slept in a bit longer as the process was so quick, but this was fine as it gave me plenty of time to relax in the United lounge before my flight and I needed to eat some breakfast

My two Signature service agents escorted me to the lounge and asked me how long I wanted, we agreed on a time for them to return.


The United lounge at Newark is nothing to get that excited about, it’s a massive place with lots of seating, but it’s so big it becomes over crowded and the food options are always a disappointment.

I checked out the breakfast offerings





As you can see there was not a great selection and the coffee available was also pretty bad, but I guess this is what happens to airport lounges when anyone can pretty much pay or buy a pass to get into the lounge, in part taking away the quality it can offer.


Before I knew it the two Signature service agents came back to meet me and asked if I wanted to do some shopping, I decided that it would be nice to take a wander around the terminal with them, as I knew that I would be sitting down for the next seven hours, I thought it would be good to stretch my legs.

The United terminal at Newark has been under going some major renovations over the last year, and the dining and shopping options at the terminal have had a massive improvement.


Every spot to eat at in the terminal gives you an Ipad to play with, which is pretty impressive


We wandered around for about fifteen minutes and discussed the terminal and then got closer to our gate, I had been given the option to board either First or Last with the service and naturally I wanted to be on board first to snap a few pictures.

The team spoke with the gate agents and I was called over and said my goodbyes and was the very first person to board the plane.


I think that me boarding the plane so early took everyone by surprise a bit, the crew were not really ready when I arrived and I caught them off guard a bit.

The other slightly awkward part was that when turning left into the Business class cabin, I was met by two rather hefty guys (who were clearly air Marshall’s) who then upon seeing me tried to play it off that they were just going along with their normal routine, but the reaction from them was fairly entertaining and the quickly jumped into their seats, in the Business class cabin of course.

With them being the cabin, that made me a bit paranoid about taking too many pictures as I did not want to get told off by them.

I was looking forward to this flight today for two reasons, the first being that I was flying on the 767-400ER, which is a pretty rare aircraft, granted it’s a 767, but the -400 is the rare part.

And the second reason, this flight was one of the very few daytime crossings you can take from the states back to Europe, most crossings depart late in the evening and are overnight flights.


The seat was very comfortable and slightly different to the last business class seat I had on United on their 777-200.

There are 39 Business class seats on the 767-400ER and they are arranged in a 2 – 1 – 2 configuration, and each flat-bed has a 75 inch seat pitch and is 21 inches wide.

I had gone with window seat 2A on this raining morning

The seat was very comfortable and had a good-sized TV and featured a USB plug and power point

I then checked out the blanket which had a pretty good thickness and I also went through the amenity kit




The amenity kit featured all the usual items, I did like the socks with grip this time around though , a bit better than the usual.


The captain came on to let us know our flight time and that today our take off from Newark might have some bumps and that the first hour would be a bit choppy and then smooth the rest of the way after that



As most of you know, the complimentary headphones from UA are pretty bad



I then took a look over the menu








After wasting a good amount of time we pushed back right on time, only to be in a take off Que that was just under thirty minutes long



We turned and quickly took off with a fairly smooth climb out through the cloud cover.

About thirty minutes after reaching our cruising altitude the breakfast service began, starting off with drinks



I was a bit tired on this flight and decided to try to stick to non-alcoholic drinks during and just started with some water


And then to wake myself up a bit, I opted for a Coke


Our cabin crew today has been very friendly from the start and the service was very prompt

To start off we had a choice of bread,


Followed by the slightly strange prosciutto and melon slice


which was then quickly followed by the seasonal salad



For my main today, I went with the omelette, as I wanted something a bit like breakfast


This was then quickly followed by the cheese plate and some port to enjoy the moment


And then topping off with a bit more dairy and some ice cream with caramel sauce for dessert



It had been a really nice daytime crossing and the flight has been pretty smooth.
I did not need to sleep on this flight, but did test out the seat in the fully flat position.


About one hour and thirty minutes before our arrival into London, the crew asked everyone in the Business class cabin if they wanted a snack before arrival, I had been thinking about the mini beefburgers they had on the menu and was looking forward to trying them, however I was a bit disappointed when they only had Calzone, and lets just say it was not very good. I think I only took two bites and sent it back, the most salty thing on earth.



Soon as we started our arrival into London Heathrow and it was a fairly nice evening to be flying in, we circled a few times, like you always do when arriving into LHR.

Just before landing the crew on this flight came by and thanked everyone in the Business class cabin for flying with United today and asked if we had all enjoyed the flight, I found that to be a really nice thing to do, everyone was very happy with the service.


We touched down nice and smooth and then taxied to the gate


It had been a very enjoyable six-hour flight, I could have stayed on board for another five hours with the crew we had. Overall, a good job from United.


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