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Cathay Pacific First Class Hong Kong to London – Boeing 777

Cathay Pacific Flight 253
Depart: Hong Kong (HKG)
Arrive: London (LHR)
STD: 2:35pm (ADP: 3:02pm)
STA: 8:30pm (ATA: 8:09pm)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Reg: B-KQI
FF: 12th Sep 2013 (3.0 YR OLD)
Deliv: 30th Sep 2013 (3.0 YR IN SERVICE)

Seat: 1A
Flight Time: 12h 6M
Meal Service: Lunch & Dinner

I had spent the night at the Regal Hotel right next to Hong Kong airport as I wanted to arrive early and have a good look around the lounges, there are plenty of lounges to choose from when flying Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong.

Check in today would be from Terminal one and I was able to use the first class check in area which was near empty when I arrived.
I had checked in online but for some reason could not print a boarding pass, I know that something is always up when this happens and it’s never a good thing.

When the agent was trying to print my boarding pass I received a nice error beep from the computer which then prompted her to tell me the seat I was booked in 1A was not working correctly on the flight from London to Hong Kong and I had been moved to one of the middle seats 2D. Well that really did not make my morning as I’m not a big fan of Aisle seats.

I asked if any other window seats were free to which she replied they were all taken. She informed me that a technician might be able to fix the seat once the plane arrives in Hong Kong. Anyhow to cut a long story short, this led me on a mini quest asking almost every agent I bumped into if 1A had been fixed, eventually at the gate I was informed that 1A had indeed been fixed and I was given a new boarding pass.

After the quick security I took a quick look in the Wing first class lounge and enjoyed some runway views and then took the long journey to the Pier first class lounge, my flight was departing from gate 67 anyway, so it made more sense to be there.


The Pier is located underground from the main level and you take the escalator down.

Upon entering you are greeted with a fantastic hotel like atmosphere, the lounge itself almost resembles a hotel lobby and you feel a more exclusive vibe here, well during my stay it was almost empty.


The first thing on my list to do was to enjoy some breakfast, I wanted to make sure I had enough time to enjoy the breakfast selection and the lunch selection.

The most important meal of the day……Coffee


Which was followed by some delightful eggs Benedict, with both eggs cooked just right.


I then waited a while and caught up on some e-mails before then trying to Dan Dan Mian from the lunch menu, it was really tasty.


After enjoying my breakfast and lunch I took a walk around the lounge and found more places to pick up snacks, a full service bar and a library to relax in.

I then decided to give one of the private rooms a try to relax in, mainly because I had been told they had great runway views.
The room was basic, but comfortable and it did come with some fantastic runway views.


I relaxed for about forty-five minutes and then decided to walk over to our gate, at the time I was still sat in row 2 and really wanted to be back in 1A


I arrived at our gate and checked with the agent who informed me 1A had now been fixed and I was really happy about this.
When I arrived, no one else had turned up even though the boarding sign was readying “go to gate”


Boarding was called right on time. There must have been a lot of elite status holders on this flight as the First class line was about 30 people long when the cabin only had six first class seats.

After taking the short walk down the jet bridge I was, well, not greeted at all, by anyone and sort of just made my way onto the plane and found my seat. That is probably the first time in as long as I can remember where no one was greeting passengers and directing them at the door, oh well no harm done, it was nice to just walk on and not asked what seat number I was.

Seat 1A is fantastic, you don’t share the aisle with the middle seats as they share it with the other two first class seats, so 1A & 2A feel a lot more private than the other four first class seats.


Within a few seconds of sitting down I was greeted and welcomed and asked if I wanted something to drink before take off, I was thirsty for some Krug and went with that for my first drink of the day.

Like other people have pointed out, Cathay Pacific’s first class seats are not the most modern or the biggest, but they sure are fantastic and give you such a large amount of space to relax in. I’m not sure what I loved about it so much, but it was such a big space to relax in.


The seat has two reading lights, one located on each side and also a light above you


At the front of the seat is a USB charging port and also an EMpower plug


There is also some nice storage space on the side of the seat which is good for phones, camera or small items


and there is a storage space for literature next to you, which also acts as a way of hiding you from the other passengers.


It was also really nice to have some fresh flowers next to me


You can also have dinner with a fellow passenger if you want as the ottoman seat comes with a seat belt and it makes a nice dinner setup.


The crew then came back with a hot towel for me and said they would be right back with the amuse bouche that I could enjoy with my champagne before we pushed back


The amuse bouche was a tuna tartar served with mango and went great with my first class


I then decided to take a good look at the menu to decide what I wanted to eat today, the menu was nice and extensive but not so big that you had more options than you needed.



















We pushed back just a tiny bit late and had a very short taxi to the runway, just two planes ahead of us and off we went, the climb out was very smooth and we soon reached clear blue skies.

I decided then to check out the amenity kit



Sadly for a first class amenity kit it really lacks in the wow factor and is almost the same as most business class amenity kits, nothing compared to the amenity kit i received on Qatar airways first class


About fifteen minutes into the flight the crew started the lunch service and without me asking poured me another glass of Krug and asked if I would like some nuts to go with it, it’s this kind of service that really makes the difference.


Today we would be flying up into Northern China and then making our way over Mongolia, the captain had warned us in advance about turbulence on route over China and said it would be expected, which for me is fairly common and I have always had turbulence when leaving Chinese airspace.


But until we hit the turbulence it was a fantastic day for flying and I really just kicked back and enjoyed the view from my three windows


It was now time for my favorite thing in the sky, some Caviar & Champagne


It was absolutely delicious and I really enjoyed this meal


I also had a mini bread basket to enjoy with my meals, though some had become a bit chewy from being over heated


I then had the Tomato, Orange & Basil soup which was very good


follow by the seared tuna nicoise which was also really tasty, and it was nice to have fresh crisp salad leaves for a change,


For my main I went with the Lamb chops which came with green beans, mushrooms and mixed potatoes. The lamb was cooked rather well and not chewy at all


During Lunch about the time my lamb was served it had started to get a bit choppy, the sort of chop where I stop eating as it can make me feel rather sick sometimes, it’s like enjoying a hot dog on a roller coaster, I just don’t enjoy it.

I waited for it to pass, but the Captain then came on and informed us that we were going through the turbulent area and the meal service was suspended and the crew were requested to return to their seats, his announcement did make me laugh though as he informed us “its going to get worse before it gets better” , I mean at least he was honest and he reassured passengers that the Boeing 777 was fine in this type of weather and it might not be very fun for us inside, but it was perfectly safe.

I personally love it when a Captain gives an announcement during bad weather over saying nothing at all.

After passing the turbulent area I was served some chocolates and a hot towel to finish with.



At this point we were in Mongolian airspace and had smooth skies, So I decided to change into my Pajamas as we still had almost eight hours of flyer time remaining.


There are two bathrooms that first class passengers can use at the front of the plane, one of each side, one is much bigger, sadly I picked the smaller one to change in.


I returned to my seat and enjoyed watching the sun set and decided to watch a film, which I never normally do, I only ended up watching about thirty minutes of the movie before becoming restless,




The IFE remote is stored in the side of the seat and very easy to access



The CX Studio had plenty of movie options and was very up to date, the older screen did lack a little bit of quality but it was still a very good picture


I watched about thirty minutes of Eddie the Eagle, A film I did really enjoy the first time around, But I just can’t enjoy the cinematic experience when flying, looking out the window is normally how I pass the time, as you just can’t beat those views.



After the film I decided to try the afternoon tea service,


I had it with some Hong Kong Milk tea, which the crew were surprised that I enjoyed it,


This is probably the British side of me coming out here, but I really love afternoon tea service and having it on an airplane just feels even better


The sun was set but it was still daylight outside and just gave some fantastic views as we cruised along


I then had my bed made up, even though I was not going to sleep, I just wanted to feel how comfortable it was. After the Etihad apartment bed, it was definitely one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in.


After a short period of time resting in bed, but not sleeping I decided to have some dinner


First up I had the fruit plate,


I had wanted to really try the Chateau  Lynch Bages 2004 and decide to enjoy it with my final meal of the flight, it was a very enjoyable red wine


The roasted red pepper & Ricotta ravioli was also very nice, sometimes Pasta on planes can be hit or miss, this time it was a hit and not all stuck together


I then finished up with the fantastic cheese plate, Finally a real cheese plate with three types of cheese, a few airlines could learn a thing or two about cheese plates from Cathay.


Even though it was the last week of September the weather over London was fantastic, not a cloud in the sky, we had a wonderful approach into London and had great views of the city on the way down.



Touch down was smooth and we had the shortest taxi ever to our arrival gate, we pulled off the runway and then pulled into our gate.

It had been a very enjoyable experience flying Cathay Pacific first class and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who asks me about a great way to travel from Hong Kong.


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  1. Vitor Cid November 4, 2016 at 1:15 am #

    Who’s the lady singing so beautifully in the first part of the video? Congratulations.

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