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Qatar Airways First Class Doha to Paris – Airbus A380

Qatar Airways Flight 39
Depart : Doha (DOH)

Arrive : Paris (CDG)
Departure time : 7:25am (Actual 7:50am)
Arrival Time : 1:15pm (Actual 1:16pm)
Airbus A380-800
Reg : A7-APE
FF:22ND Jan 2015 (1.7 YR OLD)
Del: 14th June 2015
Seat : 2K
Flight Time : 6H 25M
Meal Service : Breakfast & Dine on Demand

I had arrived into Doha on a British Airways flight from London and had an Eleven hour layover in Doha Airport, this would give me the perfect amount of time to have dinner, relax and catch up on some sleep and then enjoy breakfast.

Qatar airways has a fantastic first class lounge in Doha and I would be lucky enough to have dinner, sleep and enjoy breakfast all in the same place making the experience very enjoyable.


After clearing security from my inbound flight and walking through the terminal and catching a glimpse of the 6.8 million USD teddy bear I took the escalator upstairs to find the Al Safwa first class lounge.

Upon entering the lounge I was greeted with the stunning hallway which looks very sleek,


As you wonder along it there is plenty of art to take in and lots of Qatari museum pieces to look at.


Then you approach the big centerpiece of the lounge which is the water display with water flowing from the ceiling down into a shallow pond.


The first thing on my list was to have some dinner, I was greeted and seated very quickly and at the time I was the only person dining in the restaurant.

It was nice to have some space and super attentive service, but sometimes I really don’t enjoy service like that in a empty restaurant, I always just feel like I’m being watched and can’t really do anything without someone checking to see if I’m OK. Don’t get me wrong I love service like this in a busy restaurant, but when one is dining alone in a massive space it’s not very enjoyable.


After being seated I was given the dinner menu to look at and my drink order was taken, I stuck with Water as it had been a long day and I wanted to get some sleep.



To start I went for the Salmon Falafel.
The Falafel was brought to me within a matter of minutes after I ordered it and I was surprised by the speed, I even said to my waiter, “wow, that was fast” and he replied that the chefs pre cook all the meals during the daytime and just heat them up for service when they are ordered.

Oh…well….that’s a bit disappointing for a first class lounge that takes pride on it being amazing, Am I being picky here ? Or could they just not have the chef’s start later in the day and make the food fresh like in a normal restaurant.


So how was my Salmon Falafel ? Well it was super dry and tasted like it had been cooked hours ago and was warmed up in the microwave, so not a great start to my dinner. Trust me I’m not being picky and have eaten a lot of Falafel, from street falafel to home-made, to sandwich shop Falafel and this was probably one of the lesser examples of good Falafel.

I then had some Chicken Satay, which was not even listed on the menu, my waiter offered it to me and I decided to give it a try. Once again the chicken was warm and a bit dry from being cooked earlier in the day.


For my main course I went with the fillet steak. When I ordered the steak the first thing my waiter said was that the steak only came served well done, as once again it had been cooked during the day and was reheated.

This just baffles me, surely for a lounge that wants to be presented as a world class first class lounge, they could simply grill a steak in a few minutes cooked to order.

Anyhow…as you can guess the steak was a bit tough and cooked really well, but tasted good enough.


I finished up with the Tiramisu which was fine, though I only had a few bites of it.


So sadly my dining experience in the Al Safwa first class lounge was a bit disappointing and I hope that in the future they start cooking things to order, I know the lounge can probably become very busy at peak times and they do this to avoid long waits, but maybe they could pre cook for peak times only.

After dinner I decided to try and get some sleep, I had asked earlier if I could pre book a room to sleep in but was informed that this was the quite time and I would be fine to just turn up and ask.

The Al Safwa lounge has 15 bedrooms for people to use and they do fill up quickly, you can use one of the bedrooms for six hours in order to get some rest.

To find the bedrooms you just take a short walk towards the spa area and there is a door on the side that leads you towards the bedrooms, you are escorted to your room by a member of the Spa.


I was assigned room number twelve for my stay.


The room was very clean with a single bed for me to sleep in


There was also a desk area for me to catch up on some work if needed and to watch some TV


I really enjoyed the private bathroom that comes with the room, it was very modern and clean


Once settled in I went to bed and was able to sleep for four hours, I woke up around 4am and had arranged a wake up call for 4.30AM. I decided to get up and have a shower


At 4.30Am there was a knock on the door for my wake up call.

At 5AM I left my room and went back to the main part of the lounge to have some breakfast,
This time I took a bit more of a look around the lounge,

There is another rather nice water feature with water flowing down the walls of the lounge


The bar in the restaurant is also rather big and spacious,



There are plenty of private places to sit around the lounge


And a business center


There is also a big games room for children and a family area in the lounge



And a private duty-free shop if you are in the mood


I had a quick check to make sure my flight to Paris was still departing on time, which it was


After that it was time for breakfast.
Upon returning to the restaurant it was still empty so I decided to just sit in the same seat as before


Within seconds of sitting down I was given a menu and asked what I wanted to drink


I went with as espresso and a Croissant, sadly the Croissant was cold and dry, like it had just been removed from the packet and put on a plate. Like I said before am I just being picky or is it really difficult to warm it up in the oven for a few minutes.


For my main, I went with the eggs Benedict, or to be more accurate the Nova Lox Benedict with Salmon.

This was one of the better options I had eaten in the restaurant, the eggs had been cooked well and the salmon was fresh, I’m just not sure exactly what was going on with the hollandaise sauce.


After eating I took a look around the buffet area, lots of cold meats and cheese’s to choose from



and a few more options of Hummus & Olives


There is also a secondary restaurant with chefs if you don’t want to be in restaurant.


There were some nice views of the tarmac from here


It was now time for me to leave the lounge and walk towards my gate. Today we would be leaving from one of the A gates, which was A5, the walk itself only took about ten minutes and the gates have separate area’s for business and first class passengers to board at, this makes for a much more relaxing experience when boarding separate to other classes.


Once on the plane I was instantly greeted and escorted to my seat, and then given my choice of Pre departure drink

I took a good look around the first class cabin before settling into my seat. At the moment Qatar airways have just six A380’s in service and they have another four on order.
They fly the A380 to London, Paris, Bangkok and shortly Sydney.

This makes enjoying the first class product with Qatar airways very limited, most of the Qatar planes have business class at best and I can’t see how much longer they will keep the first class cabins for.

The first class cabin is located on the upper deck and has just eight seats in the cabin which all convert to full flat beds.

Today I was seated in 2K
The cabin remained empty for a while and then just one other passenger joined me and took seat 2A, We talked for a while and he happened to be a flyertalk member, and we talked about points for a little bit, so hello to you sir.

Before I had sat down my champagne, hot towel and nibbles had been poured and delivered to my seat.


Seat 2A gives window and direct aisle access and offers 83 inches of pitch with a width of 23


Today’s choice of champagne was Krug which still tastes great at 7.30 in the morning


I then took a good look over the menu and decided on what I wanted to eat during the flight







There was also a separate wine list






And each passenger in first class is given a WiFi code they can use which gives unlimited access during the flight.
The internet service on route was ok, a bit spotty at times, but worked most of the way.


The seat area itself has lots of good storage space and plenty of compartments to look around


To my right was my IFE remote and a storage space for a bottle of water


To my left I had the seat control remote and some headphones and a few USB sockets



At the front of my seat near the TV screen there was a universal power plug


At the front of each seat was a small wardrobe, not big enough to fit a small suitcase but good enough for a bag


Then there is the privacy barrier which goes up at the push of a button and does make the seat feel very private, the person sitting next to you would only really noticed your legs and feet when this is raised.



There is also a rather large table for dining on



The amenity kits are Giorgio Armani branded and have some good products in them



As we pushed back the safety video was playing which was featuring Barcelona F.C and had some fun moments to keep the viewer watching



We had a fairly short taxi and it felt like we had priority over all the other Qatar airways aircraft waiting to take off as we jumped the Que and took off before them all.

On our route towards the runway we must have passed every aircraft in the Qatar fleet, including Airbus A320, A330, 340, 350 and Boeing 787 & 777’s


Take off was nice and smooth and the skies were clear for our journey up to cruise


Once we hit our cruising altitude breakfast service started very promptly and I picked the smoothie to start of with


I then had the bircher muesli to start off with and on the side it came with some bread and pastries which were all nice and warm.


Typically I always go for eggs on a plane for breakfast or the alternative, but today I wanted to try something different to see if it was edible, I noticed the pancakes on the menu which to me would be a tricky thing to keep dry and stop them going soggy, so I went with the pancakes.

To my delight the pancakes were warm and soft and fluffy. They also had just the right amount of maple syrup on them and were not swimming in it, the fruit also tasted really fresh.


And to finish off my breakfast I want with the fruit platter, which had a really nice variety of fruit.


After enjoying my breakfast I decided to take a look around the aircraft and check out the bathrooms and the bar area.

To start I decided to check out both of the first class bathrooms located at the front of the cabin with the staircase to downstairs separating them on either side. I’m sort of sad that Qatar did not install a shower on one of these sides to match Emirates & Etihad, oh well, can’t win them all.



Inside the bathrooms they are absolutely stunning, it’s almost hard to tell that they are even on an airplane, it could easily be a bathroom in a restaurant.



There was also a really nice selection of moisturizer and hand lotions to use


and plenty of flowers spread around the bathroom


You just had so much space to move around in, it was fantastic

I then walked to the middle of the plane passing the first class cabin and then the large galley and reached the bar which can be used by first and business class passengers.

The bar itself is located in the center and has two lounge area’s either side which gives it plenty of space



There is also a really good alcohol selection with plenty to choose from. Until recently business class passengers could enjoy Krug with the first class passengers at the bar, but this has now changed and business class passengers are no longer allowed to drink it.

I noticed this when I walked into the bar, as the person who had been serving me noted to the bar tender that I was a first class passenger and could have whatever I wanted, I guess that’s how they police it


The flight was really short at around six hours, meaning I would probably not go to sleep, but I was asked if I wanted to have a bed made up for me, even if it was just to take some pictures.

Which to be honest was really awesome of the crew, so they made up the seat next to mine for me to take a look at and take a few pictures of it.

The bed was very comfortable and had a mattress pad on it and some high quality bedding. It was really impressive and you had plenty of space to move when you were lying down in it.


I then just chilled out at my seat for a while taking in the wonderful views from 40,000 FT


I then decided to check out the IFE on the aircraft and check out the picture quality on the giant TV screen that each person in first class has. Qatar don’t use Bose headphones on their flights, but rather some cheap noise cancelling headphones with the logo branded on them.


The IFE remote was straight forward to use and it was really easy to select a movie to TV show to watch.


Qatar’s in flight entertainment system is called ORYX, if you wanted to know


The picture quality was really sharp and had a nice HD quality to it and was not fuzzy, my apologies on the picture I was enjoying the view outside when I took it.


After watching a bit of entertainment, which to be fair I probably only watched fifteen minutes of something before I lost interest, I find it really hard to watch films on airplanes no matter how relaxed I am, I just find the background noise disturbs me too much to really get into a feature film.

So I decided to order some more food and enjoy a bit of lunch before landing

I went with one of the flight options which consisted of the following,

Chicken Shawarma, Spinach Fatayer and Lahem bil agine which in turn was accompanied with side dishes consisting of Hummus, tabouleh & Muhammara

This meal was fantastic and really delicious, not as good as the same dish which I had on Etihad, but still a really enjoyable dish.


I also had a glass of pineapple juice to go with my meal, which also came with a mint


With about one hour remaining until landing, the crew came around and gave me some french chocolates to take away with me, which I always really like, It’s always nice to have a gift for a thank you when flying an airline.



About thirty minutes before landing I had requested in advance to have some more Krug to enjoy



The timing could not have been better, As I was finishing up my first class we started to pass over the Champagne region of France, So I decided to have another to celebrate.


The rest of the journey until landing was very smooth and straight forward and we landed in Paris on a nice sunny, but cloudy day.

It had been a very relaxing and smooth flight on the A380, and I really enjoyed the first class cabin and seat, in my view it was not as good as Etihad’s F apartments and they took the advantage slightly.


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  1. Nathan S January 16, 2017 at 1:11 am #

    Found the link from YouTube. Really like the music. Too bad Soundhound app couldn’t find the songs (I liked all of them on this video). Can you email me the list?

    I like the “medium length” of your videos.

  2. Rohan January 24, 2017 at 3:43 pm #

    How did you book the flight

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