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Norwegian Premium Cabin Copenhagen to Bangkok – Boeing 787-8

Norwegian Airlines Flight DY7209
Depart: Copenhagen (CPH)
Arrive: Bangkok (BKK)
STD: 2:50pm (ADP: 6:29pm)
STA: 6:50am (+1) (ATA: 10:19am) (+1)
Aircraft: Boeing 787-800
FF: 3rd Aug 2013 (3.1 YR OLD)
Deliv: 25th Aug 2013 (3.1 YR IN SERVICE)

Seat: 1A
Flight Time: 10h 50M
Meal Service: Dinner & Breakfast

Today I would finally be flying Norwegian airlines long haul, thankfully in the Premium cabin they offer, it was a very cheap last-minute upgrade they had offered me and I decided to give it a try to see if it was really worth it. They don’t market it as a business class product, its more of a premium economy product if anything.

I took a very cheap 10 Euro Ryanair flight from Luton to Copenhagen and arrived right on time at around 11.30AM and had plenty of time to make my connection.

Norwegian airlines operate from Terminal 2 at Copenhagen airport so it was very easy to make my way to the next flight.
I had tried to check in online but could not as it required a passport check and a few questions over why I had booked a one way ticket to Bangkok

There was no one in the dedicated premium check in line which is a nice touch, as the economy line had started to build up

Check in was very quick with a few questions asked and I was then off to security, which is upstairs

Another nice feature about flying Norwegians premium cabin is that the ticket also comes with fast track security if available at the airport.
Copenhagen passengers can enjoy the CPH express line

The fast track line was very quick, well it was just me. But the people working the fast track line did take a dislike to my clear plastic bag, which I had been given at another airport in Europe and they said it was too big. So I had to throw a few items away to fit into their smaller bag, no big deal really as I only carry the free lotions from amenity kits mainly, I just threw those away.

After clearing security and making my way through the duty-free maze I found myself in the departure area. I always know when I make it through,as I can hear the pumping music coming from Joe & the Juice. Don’t get me wrong I have always been a long time fan of dance music, but to me sitting in a coffee shop with friends with music pumping like that is almost pointless, how can they even hear each other ?

Anyhow…moving on

With most Norwegian premium class tickets you will also have lounge access, this is the case at Copenhagen where you can use the Aviator lounge which is shared with Priority pass and about every other airline under the sun including British Airways, it’s always packed.

I already knew our flight was delayed by 1 hour and 10 minutes so I had plenty of time to spare

I arrived at the lounge and it was fairly busy, though there was enough space for me to grab a seat.
I picked up a coffee from the machine and took a look at the food selection

Sadly just the usual cheese and bread on offer

and a few pickles and some meats

The lounge is located upstairs and does have some nice window views looking out at the runway, which I always prefer when in a lounge. I’m not a big fan of internal lounges.

I grabbed a spot at the back of the lounge and enjoyed my coffee, bread and cheese.
But there really was not much to offer and I decided to take a wander around the airport.

When flying out of Copenhagen to Bangkok you do need to clear immigration on the way out when leaving and the lines were pretty big today, so I’m glad I left the lounge early to make sure I had plenty of time to clear.

It was then just a short walk down to our gate today after passport control

We would be leaving from Gate C36. Our flight was originally scheduled to depart at 2.50PM.
Now here is one of the small problems Norwegian has that the other airlines don’t struggle as much with, for example British Airways.

If one of their long haul planes is behind schedule it has a rather bad knock on effect to the rest of its flights, which is what I would experience today.

The inbound flight had departed from LAX rather late and was making up some time in the air and we were due to depart 1 hour and 10 minutes behind schedule.

I guess as the Norwegian fleet continues to grow this will become less of a problem.

Our plane did arrive from Los Angeles at it’s expected arrival time and all the passengers came off the plane. I was standing at the gate at this point talking to the Captain of our flight to Bangkok. The Captain of the flight from Los Angeles then came down the jet bridge and started talking to my Captain and informed him the reason they were late.

He informed him they had an issue with the transponder at LAX making the transponder turn off and that they did attempt to fix it on the ground at LAX.

I’m not 100 % sure on this, so please correct me if I am wrong, but I think the 787 has two transponders. The LAX captain said they took off with both transponders working but lost one of them at some point over the Atlantic.

Our captain was not thrilled by this and then asked if they fixed it, to which the other captain replied they had not and that the engineering team at CPH had been called to our plane to take a look at it.

Just a few moments after that conversation took place Norwegian updated our departure time to now leave at 5.30PM
And as you can guess there was a loud mumble from all of the passengers waiting.

At this point Norwegian put out another PA saying that passengers could come and claim a 10 Euro meal voucher they could use in the airport for the delay. Everyone on the flight lined up for one, the line was so long I decided to pass and not wait for one.

After the meal vouchers has been handed out our gate area was empty as everyone went back to where passport control was to stock up on snacks and drinks.

Sooner rather than later our plane was fixed and it was finally time to board.
Norwegian first called for any passengers needing assistance to board the plane, then followed by the Premium passengers.

Upon arrival I was greeted at the door and instructed to turn left to find my seat at the front of the cabin.

Norwegians 787-8’s have just 32 seats in the premium cabin
Today I was sitting in seat 1A, which to me is one of the best seats in the house, you have a lot of leg room and no one reclining into your space if they decide to relax, which really eats into your personal space on the other seats.

The cabin continued to fill up as I relaxed and explored around my seat

The leg room was also good, I’m 5F 11 and still had plenty of space

The crew then came around and offered the passengers a welcome drink, Great I thought, I could really do with some champagne or sparking wine after the 3 hour wait, sadly I was wrong.

It was non-alcoholic drinks only, water, orange or apple juice. I went with apple

Before push back I took the time to look over my seat.
The 787 does have the nice window dimming feature as always, my button had taken a bit of abuse in its short 3 year life span

Norwegian also hand out free head phones to its premium passengers, you need to pay for these in the economy cabin

There is also a blanket to keep you warm for the long flight

And power points for each passenger to use

The doors finally closed and I sat next to a friendly guy who also had a private pilots license, so I knew I would be in for an enjoyable flight.

As we awaited push back they played the safety video, which when sitting in the front row you watch on the monitor on the wall in front.

It was a nice fall evening in Copenhagen and we still had some daylight left as we pushed back

It was a short taxi to the runway

We powered up and started our take off roll, which to be fair is near silent when flying on the Boeing 787 compared to other aircraft

The climb out was smooth and not met with many bumps at all and soon we had passed through 20,000 FT. At this point I decided to pull out my TV and check out the airshow to see our progress

The TV system also has a handy USB charging point if you need some more power

The moving map was detailed and easy to follow,

When sitting next to someone else who also loves to fly and not watch many movies you can enjoy some split screen flight information

A few hours into the flight the first drink service started, I was thirsty at this point and went with some red wine.
I don’t even remember what red wine it was as I was not given a bottle or a menu with that information on it

This was shortly followed by the main meal service. When flying Norwegians premium cabin the meals are included in the cost of the ticket. If flying in the economy cabin you can still purchase both the dinner and the breakfast for 25 euros

The dinner comes in a unique long box and not on a tray, which does make a nice change.

We had two options for the main course this evening, it was either steak or Salmon,
I had decided to go with the steak, really I wanted to compare it to other airlines steak.

Naturally just before I was about to eat the seat belt sign came on for turbulence, which is fairly typical anytime I’m given food.

My steak came with mash and some mixed vegetables served with bread

The steak was cooked really well, it was not overcooked at all which is always a delight on an aircraft.
Shame the meal still came with plastic cutlery, can’t win them all I guess

My neighbor has gone with the Salmon and rice option which also looked good, he said it tasted great.

After the meal service I knocked back a few Bailey’s to relax and settle in for the long overnight flight to Bangkok

I took a quick picture from the back of the cabin before all of the flights were turned off for the flight.

I made myself comfortable and watched a few TV’s shows and reclined my seat, the recline on the seat is pretty good and most people in the cabin did fall asleep, I don’t really sleep on planes though.

Another feature I enjoy from Norwegian is the option to order items from your seat at any point during the flight. I really like this approach and think it would make more sense for airlines to adopt this rather than rolling a cart up and down the aisle asking if anyone wants to purchase anything.

It works really well on night flights and it avoids people being disturbed.

The next few hours passed and we reached a steady cruising altitude of 41,000 FT and enjoyed the smooth skies.

I spent some time talking to the crew who were all based in Bangkok and in their mid 20’s.
We talked about what it was like for them working for Norwegian, most of them did love working for them and they said the pay for them was really good and it gave them the chance to visit places all over the world.

The crew were very friendly and fun to talk with.

Before I knew it the sun had started to rise and it was almost time for breakfast, the lights came up and the crew started appearing

Once again, breakfast was handed out in a cardboard box

Breakfast was more of a surprise option as there was just one choice.
So I had no idea what I was going to be given.

It turned out to be a sausage and a pancake with some vegetables, which to be honest for me, was a strange combination. But it had been about seven hours so I just ate it

After the breakfast service was completed we still had just over one hour of flying time remaining and we had just started passing over Rangoon

Soon it was time to land and we started our approach into Bangkok

Our path down was very smooth and the weather clear with scattered clouds

We touched down just over three hours and thirty minutes late from our scheduled arrival time. I thankfully had timed for a six-hour layover in Bangkok to have a shower and enjoy the lounge, So I was still able to make my connection.

The doors were opened and off I went

For the price I had paid for this ticket, I found the experience to be very good. The one way ticket was cheaper than any economy ticket I could find on British Airways, Thai Airways, SAS, Lufthansa. So it just made more sense to catch the 10 Euro Ryanair flight from Luton to Copenhagen to take this flight to Thailand.

It was very good value for money and the seat comfortable with some OK food.


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