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Thai Airways Business Class Bangkok to Tokyo – Airbus A380

Thai airways flight 676
Depart: Bangkok (BKK)
Arrive: Tokyo (NRT)
STD: 8:00am (ADP: 8:38am)
STA: 3:50pm (ATA: 3:47pm)
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
First Flight: 5th Mar 2012
Delivered to Airline: 28th Sep 2012

Seat: 12A
Flight Time: 5h 09M
Meal Service: Lunch

I had arrived in Bangkok on a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt the day before, I found a nice hotel which was just a short drive from the airport and spent the night there.

I woke up around 4AM in order to get ready and take the shuttle bus to the airport, The bus left right on time and I was on my way

Upon arriving at Bangkok airport, check in was extremely quick in a dedicated area for royal silk business class passengers

This then continued directly onto the Fast Track security lane which First & Business class passengers can use

Security was very quick, the airport was very sleepy at this time of the morning, so not a lot of other passengers around making for a smooth check in and quick security.

I was pretty hungry at this point so went straight to the lounge

The Thai airways royal silk business class lounge at Bangkok airport is massive, it just goes on and on. It was a nice clean lounge and when I arrived there was a lot of space, when I left though the place was packed.

After already having some hotel coffee, I then needed to have some more, this was at least a real espresso and it was still very early.

What’s this….the most fun way of making a pancake in the world, by just pressing a button, sure why not.

I grabbed a few other items in order to start my morning and passed some time in the lounge

After killing some time, I was ready to take the long walk over to gate C7. This gate was really far away but I had left myself plenty of time to make it.

On route to gate C7 was this, which I think really adds to the feel of the airport,

Our flight was set for an on time departure of around 8AM. From what I could see there are three airlines that offer morning flights from Bangkok to Tokyo.

Thai Airways at 8AM
ANA at 8AM & 10.25AM
JAL at 8.15AM & 9.55AM

After having my boarding pass scanned I had to wait for a bit in the holding pen before we could board the aircraft, but I was able to enjoy the sunrise over the A380 that would be taking me to Japan today.

Boarding was called right on time, they called First passengers to start with and then Business class and at that point it seemed like everyone got up. But the A380 is big and I presumed we had a full business class cabin today.

Thai airways has just six Airbus A380 aircraft which can hold up to 507 passengers in total, of which 12 in First Class, 60 in Business Class and 435 in Economy Class

Thai airways have just one seating configuration for all of their A380’s

Today I would be flying in seat 12A which I had picked in advance as I wanted to have one of the most forward seats in the business class cabin, mainly because I wanted to be served first.

Thai Airways chose the highly regarded Solstys seat from EADS Sogerma and I must say that it was rather comfortable and spacious and it was nice to try a different business class seat

I had plenty of leg room, I’m only 5FT 11 so plenty of space for me.

I always love a business class seat with an over the shoulder seat belt, I’m not sure why I do, but I prefer it, Maybe I feel safer.

With the A380 being so big, there are storage bins to the side of your seat with plenty of space to store personal items, I was able to put my entire laptop bag in with no problem at all.

Each seat comes with 2 X USB charging points

And one Universal Plug if you need to work on your laptop

Located just down from that are the seat controls and IFE remote

The Tray table folds down from in front of you and then swivels to the side, I did find for eating that the table was a little far away and I had to lean over every time to eat.

As I was taking a picture of my seat, the friendly crew introduced themselves and provided me with a hot towel and asked what I would like to drink before take off. I went with the Vueve Clicquot Champagne to enjoy before we pushed back.

Just before we pushed back I visited the bathroom, at this point it was very clean and I wanted to get a photo of it, the bathroom is nice and big with plenty of space to move around, and some real flowers on display.

We pushed back from the gate about ten minutes late as they had to offload a passengers bag for someone who did not show up.
The taxi to the runway was fairly long and from the photo below you can see it was a busy morning for departures.

It was a wonderful clear day for flying and we enjoyed a nice smooth climb out from the airport, the A380 is so big it hardly feels like you are taking off when it does happen.

As we made our way up to our cruising altitude of 40,000 FT I felt like this was a good time to look over today’s lunch menu. Even though we did leave at 8.30AM we would be having lunch served today.

I shall let the menu speak for itself

I also checked out the amenity kit

The amenity kit had some really great items including mouthwash, A tooth-brush with toothpaste and socks, slightly better than some business class amenity kits.

I then took a quick look through the reading materials,

I always love looking over an airlines entire fleet and route network, the best part of the magazine normally,

I was then asked if I would like another drink…why of course i did

It was then time for my starter, nothing better than eating Foie Gras at 9.30 in the morning, It was delicious though

Between courses I went to the bathroom again, mainly so I could snap a picture of the cabin during meal service.

I returned and my main course arrived quickly, Today it was Grilled Snapper with Pancetta and Green Mushy peas.
After eating some of it I decided I should have gone with the Japanese Bento set, it just looked much more tasty than this fish.

The fish was a bit watery for my taste and did not have much flavor at all.

After my main,  I followed it up with the cheese & fruit plate.

The crew then came around and handed out bottles of water to everyone.

The Thai Airways A380 fleet does come with WIFI as a business class passenger you are given a 5MB free use card, which lasted me about 3 minutes just from using Instagram alone. I decided not to purchase any additional data as it priced our rather high per MB.

I then used my noise cancelling headphones and checked out the IFE

The IFE was nice and up to date and had a very good selection, and very little lag, the TV also had great picture quality.

With it being a flight time of around five hours, I had to check out the flat-bed, even though I would not be sleeping.
It was very comfortable and I could have passed a few hours asleep in it.

But I decided to carry on my own party and enjoy some of the Jim Beam Black triple aged, a few glasses of this went down smoothly.

It was December when I took my flight and I had worried a bit about the strong winds around Japan at that time of year, but today we had great flying conditions. There were indeed a few gusts on route, but the flight was mainly smooth.

Before I knew it my time on Thai Airways in Business class was coming to an end and we touch down in Tokyo Narita airport just as the sun was setting.

It had been an excellent flight for five hours and I was happy to cross another airline off my list that operates the A380.
After this flight it just leaves me with Korean, Lufthansa, China Southern & Singapore airlines to try.


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