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American Airlines business class London to Chicago – Boeing 787-8

American airlines Flight 47
Depart: London (LHR)
Arrive: Chicago (ORD)
STD: 11:50am (ADP: 12:06pm)
STA: 2:50pm (ATA: 1:57pm)
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Reg: N817AN
First Flight: 13th Jan 2017 (1 MONTH OLD)
Delivered to Airline: 8th Feb 2017 (10 DAYS IN SERVICE)

Seat: 7A
Flight Time: 7h 51M
Meal Service: Lunch

We had a very early start and had just flown British Airways club Europe from Düsseldorf into London Heathrow and had given ourselves a four-hour layover in order to take our time making the connection.

I will point out that this was a joint planned trip with myself and another aviation fan who also runs a YouTube channel featuring his trips.

We landed at terminal 5 and decided that instead of taking the transfer we would just clear immigration and start outside and relax a little before going back into the airport, there was no wait at the E gates at all.

It was a fairly cold day outside in February, so we filmed our video introduction and went inside to check in at Terminal 3

Terminal 3 has a fast track security area for business and first class passengers to use.

The security process was very quick and we had to hardly wait at all.

When flying from Terminal three you have great lounge choices with the one world airlines.
Even though we were flying American today, we had heard great things about the newly renovated Cathay Pacific lounge.

We decided to start our morning off there and would visit the American & British airways lounge later in the day.

Upon entering the lounge we were greeted and welcomed and informed where the business class section of the lounge was. I had memories come flooding back of the CX lounge in Hong Kong, I sort of enjoy how they made every lounge the same way all over the world.

The lounge was empty and had a lot of space and loads of places to sit,

We grabbed some of the chairs looking out onto the runway

There is plenty to eat in the CX lounge

There is also the classic noodle bar and restaurant area to have restaurant style food.

I went for my favorite noodle dish as always

We kicked back and relaxed here for about one and a half hours and then quickly visited the American & British airways lounges, which were absolutely packed. I hope the hidden secret of the CX lounge stays around for a while, but I get the feeling people will start to figure it out soon.

It was then time to take the long walk over to gate 30 and that takes a while when walking from the lounges.

We made it with plenty of time to spare and I took a photo of our brand new plane that had been in service with American airlines for just 10 days.
I will point out that after taking this photo, Heathrow security rushed over to me and asked me what I was doing, I simply replied just taking a photo for Instagram like lots of people do when they fly. They then said it was a security risk and asked for my phone so they could delete it.

I refused to give them my phone and said I would delete it, which they watched me do and then let me go, obviously there is a recovery system for this.

With everything that is going on lately, I find airport staff when flying on American airlines becoming more and more paranoid about people doing anything apart from turning up, walking onto the plane, sitting for 8 hours solid and not moving or speaking to anyone and then getting off the plane at the other end.

It was then finally time to board and I was looking forward to trying out the new business class seats that American have, even though they are not as good as the ones on the Boeing 777-300ER which I have reviewed here.

These seats will also eventually be removed by American for another style of business class seat, as they have had so many problems with them.

I was sat in seat 7A, which is the last row of business class on the 787-8 and in the mini private cabin that has just eight seats in it.
It has a much more private feel to it compared to the larger cabin at the front of the plane.

The Boeing 787-8 with American has only 28 business class seats on it, the rest of the aircraft is made up of just under 200 economy seats.

I settled into my seat and took a look around. It was nice and new and no scratches or marks or worn out surfaces to be seen anywhere.

The crew then came around and asked me what I would like for my welcome drink, I decided to go with a glass of Champagne.

Enjoying my Champagne (in its plastic cup) I checked out the seat features and took a look around.
There is the reading light and IFE remote located on the side of the seat

Some good foot well storage for additional items,

Two universal plugs so that you can charge your laptop and various other items during the flight. That is a great feature.

If two plugs is not enough, there is also 2 additional USB ports that can be used for charging.

Just behind your seat on the top is another compartment for storage space

Which is massive and gives you lots of space to put practically anything you need.

Then there are the seat controls, this is probably a minor thing, but this part of the seat sticks out, so if you have a window seat, when you lean back the window is obstructed and you then have to lean forward to look out of the window again. It’s a minor problem, but they could have pushed this back into the seat design a bit.

It was a grey February day outside and we were parked next to a Virgin Atlantic A330

I then checked out the magazines and today’s Menu

Sorry I only photographed the front of the menu this time around,

It was then time for push back and the safety video played, I still can’t decide if I think it’s any good or just useless and really long.

We pushed back from the gate just five minutes late and taxied towards the runway, our taxi time was around twenty-one minutes and we then lined up for take off.

Take off was nice and smooth and we passed through the small cloud cover and proceeded to bright blue skies.
After all the flights I have taken that is still one of the things I love most about flying, that moment.

I then played around with the electronic window dimming system to block out the sun on my side.

Our flying time today would be just under eight hours and we were informed mostly a smooth ride

The lunch service then started and it began with a hot towel as always

I then opened up my tray table and went to the bathroom before getting back into my seat.

First up was some more Champagne with the classic mixed nuts selection.
I’m not a fan of the glasses that AA use for serving its Champagne or wine in. Granted I don’t drink Champagne from Champagne flutes, I normally use wine glasses, but at least give me a tiny stem.

I have been discussing with a few people lately about the low quality starters that American have been serving on transatlantic routes, and today’s was no different.

The Started was mozzarella with tomato slices with a drizzle of pesto and a side salad consisting of basically an entire Gem Lettuce with a few pomegranate bits sprinkled on it, rather boring and bland to say the least.

I skipped on eating the salad from the starter to enjoy my main dish.
Today I had gone for the Organic Chicken with Pumpkin wedges and cauliflower puree.

Call me old-fashioned but I would have preferred mash with this dish, the cauliflower was very watery and not very tasty.

I then finished up with the sundae, well that was what I asked for, when they returned I was told they only had ice cream and chocolate sauce. So I guess that is what I had then.

I then checked out the IFE and watched a few TV episodes, always nice with the Bose headphones

We started to hit a bit of chop as we got closer to the Charlie-Gibbs fracture zone, but nothing that bad.
I see this point all the time on maps when crossing the Atlantic and had never thought to look it up, well you can read about it here if you are interested.

I also wanted to test out the bed on the 787 to compare it to the flat beds on the 777-300ER.
It was comfortable and had good space for me, and that’s being just under 6ft tall.

American also features the snack bar in the business class cabin, where you can help yourself during the flight.

This is a much better snack bar than BA’s club kitchen I should point out. Though I do wonder how much of this food goes to waste and just gets thrown away after a flight.

The Cole Haan amenity kit contained the usual items.

The rest of the flight went by fast as we discussed flights we had taken and other forms of aviation. It’s always nice to fly with another aviation fan.

It was then time for the light snack before landing, Lets be honest….it was just a grilled cheese with some potato salad on the side, lets not make it sound better by giving it the french name.

After the food I enjoyed some fantastic views of downtown Chicago on the way in to land.

Touch down was smooth and we had a nice flight and enjoyed the 787.

We then took the subway into town to catch up with one of my friends who lives in Chicago and we watched the protesters outside trump tower from his apartment.

A special shout out to Sunil AKA window seat who flew with me on this trip. He is sitting down in the photo below and I’m the one standing up.

I’m sort of done with Flying American airline for the time being. The product on board has improved, but the flights are not very memorable and the experience not that great. I feel like you are served and then the crew vanishes for 3 hours when they only have a small number of business class passengers to serve.

Most of the FA’s we come across are over sixty, grumpy and just don’t want to do anything. Granted there are exceptions, but I only see them rarely.


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