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Lufthansa business class Frankfurt to Bangkok – Boeing 747

Lufthansa flight 772
Depart: Frankfurt (FRA)
Arrive: Bangkok (BKK)
STD: 10:00pm (ADP: 10:38pm)
STA: 2:20pm (+1) (ATA: 2:38pm) (+1)
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
First Flight: 14th Apr 1997
Delivered to Airline: 28th Apr 1997
Seat: 86K
Flight Time: 10h 00M
Meal Service: Dinner & Breakfast

I had booked my flights a few months in advance and had started my journey earlier in the day on SAS from Stockholm and had just arrived into Foggy Frankfurt.

 It was a cold winters night and some dense fog had appeared,
I wasted no time finding the business class check in area to get my boarding pass so I could proceed to the lounge for a shower

I could not check in online for this flight due to my return flight being booked for six months later and that flagged as an overstay for the free thirty day visa in Thailand.

I knew that might come up at check in so had printed my return flight from another airline showing that I would only be staying in Thailand for two days before leaving, the check in agent then took down the flight details and printed out my boarding pass.

After that I took the fairly long walk from check in to the security area and passed through that in about ten minutes using the gold fast track lane

A bit more walking and I finally reached the Lufthansa Business class lounge

I had already taken two flights today, one from London to Stockholm and then the other from Stockholm to Frankfurt, so my first priority was to have a shower, as it had been a long day already and I needed to freshen up.

The person guarding the shower rooms informed me one was empty and I was able to jump in it straight away.
It might not have been the most impressive shower room I have ever been in, but it was a lot nicer than the British Airways medical shower rooms.

After A quick shower it was time to eat some sausage and drink some German beer.
As a side note , I did get shouted at for taking pictures of the food in the lounge by one of the ladies cleaning dishes, she followed me around for a bit after I took them and shouted at me in front of everyone telling me that I was not allowed to take pictures in the lounge.

I grabbed a beer went back to my seat and then when she was gone, just went and took the pictures I wanted.
The food selection in the lounge is OK, nothing amazing, just various food items laid out that you can pick at.

Though the sausages were a plenty and delicious with some mustard on them,

The two beers on draft were Franziskaner & Becks, I really like Franziskaner and really dislike becks, so the choice for me was easy.

I relaxed in the lounge sipping on my beer and watched the clock move closer to my departure time.
Lufthansa flight 772 is one of the very last departures from Frankfurt airport at night, which does make the lounge a lot more calm than usual, which was an added bonus.

Soon it was time to make my way over to the gate area, I left with enough time to arrive before boarding so I could try to be first on and get some good pictures.

 Today’s Boeing 747 was D-AVBT which first flew in April 1997 making it just under 20 years old at the time of this flight.
The side panels of the aircraft were a bit yellowed, but other than that it was hard to tell the aircraft was 20 years old.

I boarded as soon as possible and made my way onto the aircraft and walked the staircase to the upper deck, the captain was standing at my seat when I got on and we had a quick chat before he went back into the cockpit.

I had selected in advance seat 86K which is at the very back of the upper deck cabin. I picked it for a few reasons, the first is that I like not having anyone behind me and that opposite these two seats was the staircase, so having no one opposite you is another great feature.

For anyone familiar with British Airways 747’s this is where the wonderful seat 64K can be found with direct aisle access.

I was greeted by my friendly flight crew and ask what drink I would like to start with and I went with the rather awful tasting champagne they had, it was so bad I only had this one glass and never went back for anymore.

I made myself comfortable and checked out my seat and surroundings start with the reading materials and safety card

Lufthansa’s business class seats were all refurbished and updated between 2011 – 2015 on all aircraft so you are always guaranteed these newer seats on any aircraft you fly on.

The business class seats are all flat beds and the seat controls are straight forward and easy to understand

To the left of my seat in the armrest was the IFE remote and a small extra tray that I could use to put a drink on if needed

A bottle of water was also waiting at my seat upon boarding,

The upper deck on Lufthansa’s 747-400’s have just twenty-two seats upstairs and thirty-two seats on their 747-800’s
For me no matter how old the plane is I always really enjoy flying on the upper deck of a 747 at the front.

Tonight’s flight looked really full and the upper deck cabin soon filled up.
I made friends with me seat neighbor and we chatted for a bit.

There are also two mains power points located between the two seats, one for each person to use during the flight

Amenity kits were given out before we pushed back, and had the standard contents
(lip balm, toothbrush & paste, face cream, mints, eye mask and socks)

After that I checked out the menu and decided what I wanted to eat before departure, here is a look at the menu

The Champagne that tasted horrible is just below,

The tray table was a good size and had lots of space,

There was also a good selection of magazines to pick from over near the stairs.

One part that did impress me was the pillow and blanket supplied in business class. The pillow was big and comfortable and much better than some other airlines and the blanket was well made and felt like a quality product.

The slippers were generic, but still nice to get them. A lot of airlines don’t even offer them in business class anymore.

After messing around with my seat, looking over the menu and chatting it was time to push back.

We pushed back about twenty minutes late and had a short taxi to the airport with a bit of wait to take off.

We started our take off roll into the night and passed through some low-level fog and cloud cover before seeing the bright lights on Frankfurt below us on our climb out. The climb out was mainly smooth with a bit of light chop on the climb out.

Shortly after reaching our cruising altitude the crew came around and handed out the hot towels and asked what we would like to drink

After the awful Champagne I decided I would enjoy a few classic German beers as I was on Lufthansa, So I went with some Erdinger Wheat beer to enjoy with my warm nuts.

After enjoying a few beers it was time for my starter. I knew that I would probably have meat or fish for dinner, so I wanted to avoid a meat or fish starter, so I decided to give the Buffalo Mozzarella with candied orange a try.

I know it’s a simple dish, but this was a fantastic starter, very enjoyable

The one thing that I do really like about Lufthansa business class is they do not serve on trays, I really think this just adds a much nicer touch.

After enjoying my starter my plate was cleared and within about five minutes my main was served, the German’s are known for being efficient and this was certainly no exception, though the service was great.

I decided to give the Salmon-Trout a go, don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not Salmon, it is a large trout that has pink flesh, but it looks and has almost the same taste as Salmon.

The coconut lemon grass sauce that it came with was fantastic and really went well with the fish, it was a very enjoyable well cooked main.

And after wrapping up the main course, I skipped out on the sweet and went for the cheese plate.
The selection was rosemary Feta, Gouda & Teatime cheese. I have never heard of tea time cheese before to be honest.
Though no complaints from me, it all tasted great.

After all of that food I was stuffed and ready to relax and watch a few TV shows, in bed obviously, what better way to watch TV.
I put my seat into bed mode and made it look as comfortable as possible.

Before making my selection I watched the map for a little bit, we were cruising around 35,000 FT and had just over seven hours to go at this point in the flight.

I can’t even remember the name of what I ended up watching, but it had Damian Lewis in it.

I dozed off and woke up again to find that we now only had two hours and fifty-three minutes left in our flight time.
That is a really long amount of sleep on an airplane for me, probably the longest I have ever had.

I took a quick peek out of the window, and the daytime was in full swing,

With about one our and thirty minutes remaining the crew turned on the cabin lights and started the breakfast service.
I was still pretty full from dinner still, But the crew said the scrambled eggs with mushrooms were really tasty.

Who am I to say no, so I decided to give it a go, and it was indeed very enjoyable.

Just after breakfast the crew handed out a small bag of cookies to everyone in the cabin which was a really nice touch.

And also some premium immigration passes for our arrival,

I should also add that it’s really nice to have the use of Bose headphones when flying Lufthansa, much better than other airlines provide.

They are hidden away in a compartment just to side of the seat.

With just over thirty minutes to go, I just kicked back and relaxed and enjoyed the nice cloudy views over Thailand as we made our way into Bangkok airport, the flight had been pretty smooth and it had been an enjoyable flight.

We touched down nice and smoothly about twenty minutes late and had a quick taxi to the gate

The crew thanked me for flying with Lufthansa and wished me a pleasant onward journey.
Even though Lufthansa does not offer the most advanced business class seats or direct window / aisle access seating, this flight was definitely very enjoyable for me with the fantastic crew and excellent food.


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